Light of the Stars is an upcoming mobile RPG releasing later this month

  • Light of the Stars is an upcoming mobile RPG from Mobigames
  • It promises idle RPG action and vivid 3D graphics
  • Step into the shoes of a “Hero of the Constellation” to save the world from calamity

Light of the Stars, a new mobile RPG from Mobigames, is set to release on April 18th later this month. Coming to both iOS and Android, Light of the Stars puts you in the shoes of a destined hero fighting a calamity that threatens to destroy the world. Pretty standard stuff, but is there anything else to it? Let’s dig in…

Light of the Stars puts you in a world where an energy known as the Star Force ends up sparking light and civilization. Unfortunately, after centuries of war, the Gods of this world decided to wipe the slate clean and start again. Amidst the chaos of the ‘Recreation’, you must recruit heroes of the constellations in order to fight off the oncoming calamity.

The game boasts 3D graphics, an in-depth strategic battle system despite what looks to be an idle approach and, naturally, plenty of characters to recruit in your fight.

Stars above

So far so normal, unfortunately, despite the few screenshots and descriptions so far we haven’t seen much else in the way of promotion for this upcoming title. This is a shame because it does look fairly decent, but them’s the breaks. It looks to be one of the first titles coming from Mobigames, who seem relatively unknown, so might this be a breakout hit for them? We’ll have to wait and see when the game arrives on April 18th.

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