Zenless Zone Zero opens entries for its next round of Beta Testers

miHoYo, aka HoYoverse, has become such a big name in mobile gaming that it’s hard to believe that arguably their flagship title, Genshin Impact, is only three and a half years old. Now, they continue the road to the next title in their world, with Zenless Zone Zero gearing up for another round of beta testing.

Zenless Zone Zero, as well as being a title I struggle to say without getting tongue-tied, is an urban fantasy ARPG, set in a world destroyed by a supernatural disaster called the Hollows. The remaining dregs of humanity create the city of New Eridu, and now you, a Proxy, rise to make your mark in this dark history.

This upcoming beta, dubbed The Amplifying Test, will mark the debut of the character Zhu Yuan, as well as show off a new faction; New Eridu Public Security’s Criminal Investigation Special Response Team. Testers can also try out the latest Bangoo models and their combat technique, Bangboo chain attacks.

To make the most out of the combat, players can take on the challenge called Shiyu Defense, and tackle a number of combat missions through the upgraded Hollow Deep Dive system. In the interest of saving time and testers having the chance to experience everything, this will be a gateway to trying out challenging boss battles without having to unlock them naturally.

As well as this new content, the Amplifying Test will also be throwing a few upgrades into some general housekeeping. Selecting content will be made simpler through the use of an optimized TV Wall, called the Hollow Board, streamlining things somewhat. The combat design has also gone through a few revamps, making it more dynamic, especially in Rally and Hollow Zero missions. Finally, New Eridu itself will have more urban life events and city guidance to make it feel more alive.

To sign up for the Zenless Zone Zero Ampfying Test, available for iOS and Android, head to the official website to enter a lucky dip for entry, because HoYoverse is never more than a stone’s throw away from a Gacha mechanic.