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Rolling for a cool aura but luck isn’t on your side? Have a nosey at our guide for some Zenith RNG Codes! The game’s in an Alpha state right now, but are there any codes?

Visit the game’s official Roblox page to dive into Zenith RNG! Enjoying this style of game? It seems to be quite the trend right now. We’ve covered a few of them already, such as our Sols RNG Codes guide, our Aura RNG Codes guide, and our Anime RNG Codes guide.

Zenith RNG Codes

Let’s roll!

Are There Codes?

The main question here is, do they exist? From the looks of it, not yet. I had a nosey around every menu within Zenith RNG and even had a wander around the map. Alas, I couldn’t find anything that remotely hints at a code redemption feature. Due to the RNG nature of Zenith RNG, codes will likely be added in time. The game is still only in its Alpha state right now, with a roadmap posted in the Discord server about future updates. However, there isn’t any mention of codes as of yet.

If codes do become available in Zenith RNG, they will probably reward players with luck boosts and various other items. As the first code drops, this guide will get an entire rehaul and will contain an ‘Active Codes’ section that lists all of the codes that can be redeemed, as well as the rewards.

How to Redeem Zenith RNG Codes

Just like the aforementioned ‘Active Codes’ section, this part of the guide will also need a rehaul once the first code appears. Usually, this section gets a nice little breakdown of all the steps you need to take to find the redemption feature, and how to redeem each code. As mentioned above, I couldn’t even find a redemption function in-game yet, so a release date for codes is currently unknown.