Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How to Achieve a Comeback Victory

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, duelists traditionally receive rewards after winning a battle in online and offline play. However, Comeback Victories will yield either greater reward. Since Comeback Victories come with a 2,500-point reward in the Duel Assessment Score, as opposed to a 2,000-point reward for a traditional Duel Victory, these types of wins can be great for getting as many Gate card rewards as possible against Legendary Duelists.

So how do you get a Comeback Victory in Duel Links? We’ll tell you exactly how down below.

How to Achieve a Comeback Victory in Duel Links

To achieve a Comeback Victory in Duel Links, players must come out on top in a duel in which the winner had fewer Life Points than the loser upon the start of the final turn.

To illustrate this, let’s take a look at an example. If the winning player had 1,000 Life Points at the start of the final turn, but the losing duelist had 2,000 Life Points to begin, this would qualify as a Comeback Victory.

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Again, Comeback Victories yield a higher score in the Duel Assessment, so if you can get these types of wins in offline duels, particularly against Legendary Duelists, it could go a long way to building some solid decks.

Easiest Way to Get a Comeback Victory

The easiest way to get a comeback victory in Duel Links is to use the Winged Dragon of Ra. Because the Winged Dragon of Ra’s special effect is to sacrifice all of your Life Points except 100 and then give those Life Points to Ra’s Attack and Defense, it’s the easiest way to put you as close to 0 LP as possible in a single turn. On top of that, you get a powerful card to attack your opponent with.

You can unlock Winged Dragon of Ra by doing the lifetime mission involving a duel with Yami Yugi. You have to beat Yugi while using Yami Marik, which will get you the card. Use this strategy to easily secure a comeback victory.

Getting a Comeback Victory in Duel Links is difficult but doable. It also nets you a ton of duel assessment as well, which will put you well on your way toward unlocking more rewards.