YOU SAID IT: Oh, those racist Swifties

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Re: BLM co-founder calls Taylor Swift fans ‘slightly racist,’ online, Feb. 26

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I admit I am sick to death of hearing about Taylor Swift and her football boyfriend Travis Kelce. But for someone connected to Black Lives Matter to state that being a follower of this iconic singer is a bit racist and smacks of white supremacy is beyond the pale.

Why does the media pay heed to such nasty fools? I have a granddaughter who is a huge “Swifty” and there is not one racist bone in that girl’s body. People like that individual just want a sounding board to peddle their vicious tripe.




Re: AGAR: No surprise that World Cup will cost taxpayers way more than advertised, online, Feb. 27

There is massive poverty in Canada, our health system is in shambles, seniors have no place to go except hallways of hospitals, the military is in dire need of upgrading, but who cares? Our esteemed drama/math teacher masquerading as a prime minister is spending money as if he is printing it in his basement, but, hey, that’s the way he cookie crumbles, as they say.

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The above topics are bland, but let’s spend close to a billion dollars to host a few games for multibillionaire players and the corrupt FIFA. Yes, that is money well spent. Already these games have skyrocketed in budget and nothing has started yet. Toronto and Vancouver suddenly realize they must find money to help pay for the increased costs. So where will it come from? Ah, that’s right, let’s squeeze the taxpayer.

Don’t worry about wait times in ambulances. Don’t worry that more Canadians are going to food banks and can’t afford to maintain a proper lifestyle. Yes, it’s spending insanity, and what is tragic is that nothing can be done about it.




Re: Right steps, more action needed; Major investments needed to fix family doctor shortage: Report

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The number of Canadians, especially in Ontario, who lack access to a general practitioner is appalling. GPs often complain about insufficient funding for their businesses or clinics.

In the attempt to attract more GPs, we already have the advantage of Canada being a great place to live, but we also need to increase the financial incentives. This would hopefully both keep GPs here and attract them from other countries. The current system is obviously not working.




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