YOU SAID IT: Freeland leading? Yikes

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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I recently read that Chrystia Freeland could be the next leader of the Liberal party. Freeland was a journalist before becoming finance minister, and she and Justin Trudeau have almost ruined Canada financially.

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What would she do if she did, God forbid, become prime minister? She would continue with Trudeau’s fanatical green agenda and to hell with Canadian taxpayers who are, in many, many cases, $200 away from not being able to pay the bills.

If Canadians think it’s bad now: if she becomes the Liberal leader, vote for her for PM and see where you are in the following four years.



Our deputy prime minister stood up and accused Conservatives of supporting Vladimir Putin. Well, Ms. Freeland, I am a proud Conservative and I take offence to your absurd accusation.

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As the poll numbers show the Liberals behind, how low will they go? Ms. Freeland, do the right thing, stand up and apologize, not just to Canadian Conservatives, but to all Canadians for your ridiculous accusation. (Wait for the excuse.)



Re: Inquiry will ‘make every effort’: Commish, Jan. 30

Foreign interference inquiry commissioner Marie-Josée Hogue said the job is to uncover the truth. Just one month ago, it was Hogue who denied the Conservative party “full standing” at this inquiry, making it extremely unlikely that outing the truth is her primary objective. Let’s not forget that the Conservative party is likely the aggrieved political party here, as the Conservatives believe candidates in 13 ridings may have been subjected to China’s interference in the 2021 federal election.

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Question is, will this just be another expensive process — think special rapporteur David Johnston — to cover for Trudeau’s lack of needed action when warned by CSIS that China planned to interfere?

This inquiry certainly helps Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau delay an urgently needed federal election that neither wants. Singh has said he will not force an election until this inquiry is concluded. Imagine a democracy where Singh, who garnered a measly 17 per cent of the popular vote, is now in full control of when the next federal election will happen.



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