Yes, Your Grace, the acclaimed kingdom management RPG, is coming soon to Android and iOS

Noodlecake, No More Robots, and Brave at Night have just announced that their latest project, Yes, Your Grace is coming to Android and iOS soon. The critically acclaimed kingdom management sim, inspired by Slavic folklore, will land on mobile in February, with pre-registration already open for eager players.

Yes, Your Grace takes place in Davern, a fictional medieval kingdom ruled by King Eryk. In the game, players will be tasked with offering worthy advice to petitioners who grace the throne room. Each turn, someone will show up looking for assistance and players must decide whether to aid them in their troubles or to save resources for more pressing matters. Supplies are limited, so it will not always be possible to help everyone.

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The game is heavily influenced by Slavic legends as the world is full of monsters and arcane practices from these olden tales. Villagers will present a diverse range of problems in the throne room, ranging from monster attacks to a lack of places to relax and enjoy. Some of these matters may be comical, not requiring a lot of attention, while others will be extremely crucial to look into.

It’s not just the citizens that the king must look after, though. He also has the responsibility of his own family who have another set of struggles. In addition, the various lords will require support too. Some dirty deeds may need to be performed under the table to win battles. It should be pretty clear by now that a kingdom cannot be run successfully by keeping everyone happy.

Yes, Your Grace is heading to the App Store and Google Play on February 1st. Pre-registration is currently open and players can show their interest by clicking on their preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with $4.99 to unlock the whole game.