Xsolla’s Cross-Play Cross-Pay feature enhances monetization for mobile games

Given the plethora of games players can access from their fingertips, the mobile gaming industry can sometimes feel oversaturated – which is exactly why mobile developers need to up their game when it comes to ease of purchases across all platforms. Xsolla aims to add a whole new layer of strategy for developers with its Cross-Play Cross-Pay feature, offering developers the tools they need to adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

Playing games anytime, anywhere

As mobile gamers demand more from their games and their platforms, developers need to be able to adjust their direct-to-consumer sales to integrate seamlessly with different platforms. Global video game commerce company Xsolla provides solutions that help devs craft cross-platform adaptations, whether from mobile to the web or the Cloud.

In particular, Xsolla Launcher lets developers deploy their masterpieces onto different platforms, maximising the power of desktop computing to offer players enhanced visuals, high-powered graphics, and deeper gameplay nuances.

Apart from porting mobile games to PCs, developers can also use Cloud Gaming for Mobile Games to deploy their games to cloud platforms. This can be done via the developer’s landing page, which is branded and a direct tool that can help devs create flexible monetisation mechanics.

The future of monetisation

On the other hand, the Xsolla Web Shop web purchase solution provides developers with branded online stores that they can fully personalise to suit their in-game purchases. With Xsolla boasting more than 210 Web Shops in its portfolio – along with 40 of the top 100 highest-performing mobile games – developers can take advantage of the company’s experts whom they can consult for support, as well as to learn more about best practices and web shop management.

Xsolla Web Shop also features advanced LiveOps tools, along with personalisation elements and an enhanced user flow.

The Xsolla advantage

Xsolla has been offering tools and solutions since its inception in 2005. Its commitment to improving game commerce for developers has helped countless partners generate more revenue through the years, with companies such as miHoYo, Valve, Playrix, Twitch, Playstudios, Roblox, NetEase, Epic Games, Nexters, Take-Two, KRAFTON and more.

“The advancements made with Cross-Play Cross-Pay have been a focus of our innovation over the past year after collaborating with numerous partners and launching over 200 web shops in 2023. This extensive real-world application with customer feedback has helped mobile game developers to efficiently market their games online by operating within the platform guidelines,” says David Stelzer, President of Xsolla. “Cross-Play Cross-Pay is our strategic innovation to meet the continuously evolving demands of the ever-changing mobile game industry. By delivering a multi-platform solution for mobile game developers, we can help them to reach more players and to grow their business.”

If you’re curious and would love to discover more about how Xsolla can help boost your monetisation models and cross-platform capabilities, you can head on over to the official Xsolla Web Shop 2.0 website.