Xiaomi’s SU7 electric car is stunning IRL

Xiaomi’s got an electric car to sell you and it probably won’t be very hard, because this thing is looking really good.

The company brought its new SU7 Max EV to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and though we didn’t get to drive it, we saw it spinning at Xiaomi’s booth. It’s the first car ever by Xiaomi, but the company chose to enter the automotive industry in style, with a sporty Tesla Model 3 competitor with some really strong specs.

The “Max” on the back means it’s the all-wheel drive variant.
Credit: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

The Xiaomi SU7 Max (the Max is the dual motor variant of the SU7) boasts 673 hp and peak torque of 838nm, allowing it to go from one to 100 km/h in 2.78 seconds (Xiaomi’s numbers). Yes, that’s faster than most cars period, but it’s also notably faster than Tesla’s Model 3, whose most powerful currently available version achieves the same feat in 4.2 seconds.


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Xiaomi SU7

It’s like Tesla and Polestar had a baby!
Credit: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

Xiaomi’s SU7 takes some design cues from its competitors including the aforementioned Tesla Model 3, but also the Porsche Taycan and even the Polestar (check out the SU7’s trident-like headlights) but it has enough character to stand on its own. The sloping roofline helps it achieve drag coefficient of just 0.195, though it remains to be seen how roomy it is inside (we weren’t allowed to get in). The electric blue color suits it, too, as do the sporty touches such as the Brembo yellow brake calipers.

Xiaomi SU7

The Brembo yellow brake calipers add a sporty touch.
Credit: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

Xiaomi didn’t share new details about the car, so we still don’t know when it’ll hit the market or how much it’ll cost. The company did say that the car will integrate with its smart device ecosystem, which it calls “Human x Car x Home,” but frankly, we’re mostly interested in practical implications of these interconnections — and we’ve heard very little about those today.

Look at the shiny car, though! Just look at it!

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