X-Men License Will Remain Exclusive to PlayStation Until 2035, According to Leaked Internal Documents

Insomniac’s ransomware leak has revealed details on the developer’s roadmap for future releases extending to more than a decade more now, and alongside new Spider-Man games and a new Ratchet and Clank instalment, the leak has also revealed that the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine will act as the first game in a larger X-Men series.

As part of that leak, which was shared on ResetEra, another slide from an internal presentation covers details on Sony’s licensing agreement with Marvel for the X-Men property, revealing that the X-Men license will remain exclusive to PlayStation until 2035, during which time Insomniac Games will release Marvel’s WolverineMarvel’s X-Men, and Marvel’s X-Men 3, with a provisional fourth title also mentioned. Additionally, there’s also mention of Marvel’s Wolverine Online and Marvel’s X-Men Online, though it’s unclear whether or not those plans are out of date.

As per the leaked details of the licensing agreement, won’t be allowed to release or announce an X-Men game for consoles, PC, or streaming platforms, or use X-Men characters as “a competitive advantage” in a game- for instance, an X-Men character being exclusive to the Xbox version of a multiplatform game.

That said, the agreement does allow for X-Men characters to appear in what are described as “multi-family” Marvel games (citing examples like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy), while Marvel will also retain the rights to “children’s games and certain X-Men games from the 1990s”.

The Insomniac ransomware leak has also revealed that the studio intends to release a new IP after 2030.