WoW SoD: Waylaid Supplies, Explained

A lot of new mechanics have been introduced to World of Warcraft Classic with the Season of Discovery, not least among which is the new Waylaid Supplies system. With these items, players can unlock new rewards with a new faction, including some highly coveted Runes for all nine classes.


WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Server List

Both the North American and European regions are gaining plenty of WoW Season of Discovery servers – and so is Australia and the OCE region.

If you are wondering exactly what Waylaid Supplies are used for, you need look no further – this guide to the new Waylaid Supplies mechanic explains how to get them, how to complete them, and what to expect by turning in either Unfilled or Completed Supplies to the vendors for each of the new factions.

What Are Waylaid Supplies?

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Waylaid Supplies in WoW SoD are a seasonal unique item that players can collect and turn in to get reputation with a new faction. They can be acquired from a large variety of sources, and ask players for different crafted items. When a player fills a Waylaid Supplies with the required number of items, the turn-in rewards will increase. However, they can be turned in empty, too.

For the Alliance, players earn rep with the Azeroth Commerce Authority, while members of the Horde give their Waylaid Supplies to Durotar Supply & Logistics. The representatives/vendors for these two new factions can be found next to, or very close to, the Auction House in every capital city.

How To Get Waylaid Supplies

Players can get Waylaid Supplies one of two ways: by killing mobs, or by opening chests. Chests appear to be the best way to get Waylaid Supplies, though players will more than likely come across one or two during a dungeon or from world questing from mobs.

Higher-level Waylaid Supplies can be found in higher-level zones. In Phase One look for Chests and grind mobs in max-level areas like Duskwood, Ashenvale, Redridge, Stonetalon, and even Thousand Needles and the Wetlands.


WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Level Cap

Every Season of Discovery Phase will increase the max level Cap in SoD – starting at a relatively low 25, and eventually reaching lvl 60.

How To Complete Waylaid Supplies

Each Waylaid Supplies has a different requirement. Some might ask players to collect 20 Healing Potions, another might require 6 Copper Shortswords, and one might be as simple as collecting 20 Copper Ore or Peacebloom.

Players can choose to turn in an unfilled Waylaid Supplies box, or a partially-filled one, for the minimum (or partial) rewards. This usually means around 100 to 200 rep, a bit of XP, and a bit of silver. But by collecting the necessary materials or items, and right-clicking on the Crate, players accomplish two things.

For one, they complete the Waylaid Supplies box and turn it into a Supply Shipment. Players can carry as many Supply Shipments as they like, and when turned in, they have enhanced rewards. This is important because players can’t normally carry more than one Waylaid Supplies at a time in the Season of Discovery, but a completed Supply Shipment doesn’t count towards this limit.

Waylaid Supplies Cap & Farming Method

In the Season of Discovery players can usually only carry one Waylaid Supplies at a time. However, this restriction only appears to apply to unfilled Waylaid Supplies. Players can carry as many Supply Shipments as they want, and even a Completed crate and one unfilled one.

There are is only really one method for farming Waylaid Supplies in SoD: farming Treasure Chests near a capitol city (or flight point). Chests will respawn about every 10 to 15 minutes in the open world. Because chests are the most consistent way to find Waylaid Supplies in WoW SoD, and they don’t need to be filled to get a partial reward, it’s an effective strategy to camp a chest spawn location. Then, just continue making round trips back and forth from a nearby Capitol City.

For the Alliance, Westfall and Redridge offer the most convenient chests near Sentinel Hill and Lakeshire, while Horde players can farm the northern areas of the Barrens and the Stonetalon Mountains, especially in Quillboar camps.


WoW Classic: Season of Discovery – How To Equip Rune Engravings

After Discovering a Rune in the Season of Discovery, players need to actually equip Runes to their gear – follow this guide to learn how.

Waylaid Supplies Rewards: XP, Gold, & New Rep

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By turning in both uncompleted and completed Waylaid Supplies, players will earn several rewards. The most important is reputation with the Azeroth Commerce Authority or Durotar Supply & Logistics. As players gain reputation ranks with these factions, they unlock new rewards to purchase from the new Supply vendors outside Auction Houses.

  • Friendly: One Rune for every class (2g). Additionally, a unique 10-slot bag and uncommon Leather Boots, Cloth Gloves, Mail Belt.
  • Honored: A unique 12-slot bag, more gear, and Tailoring/Blacksmithing patterns
  • Revered: TBD
  • Exalted: TBD

When turning in Waylaid Supplies players will earn reputation as well as a bit of silver and XP. The silver is pretty nominal, as is the XP, rarely giving more than 15s or 90xp for an unfilled turn-in. An unfilled Waylaid Supplies will reward around 100 to 200 reputation with the Azeroth Commerce Authority or Durotar Supply and Logistics.

Completed Supply Shipments don’t offer much more silver or XP, but triple or even quadruple the amount of reputation, around 400 to 800 rep. It can cost a lot of Gold to fill one of these up, going off the Auction House, and players will hardly ever be carrying the exact number of materials to complete them upon pickup. It’s more efficient, and most cost-effective, to simply turn in unfilled Waylaid Supplies to the vendors, and only complete them if the items are already on-hand, or can be easily crafted with the character’s professions.

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