World of Warcraft Reveals Detailed 2024 Roadmaps Leading to The War Within and Cataclysm Classic

Blizzard has released detailed roadmaps for 2024 illustrating all the content coming to World of Warcraft, including its popular Classic version. 

The post on the official site mentions that the beginning of 2024 will see more updates for Dragonflight, leading up to the conclusion of the story, and preparing for the next. 

The alpha and beta for the next expansion The War Within, which was announced at Blizzcon, will happen at the beginning and at the end of spring respectively. You can check out the whole roadmap below.

Of course, the main event for next year in modern World of Warcraft is the launch of the expansion itself, which will happen around the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

Moving on to WoW Classic, the Cataclysm Classic expansion will have its own beta at the end of winter, while it will release in its full version in early summer.

The Season of Discovery and its quirky antics will continue all the way through the year.

You can find the full roadmap for WoW Classic below. 

World of Warcraft Classic Roadmap for 2024.

World of Warcraft is available exclusively for PC. If you’d like to read more about the upcoming expansion The War Within, Blizzard has shared plenty of information about its content at BlizzCon 2023.

We already know that it’s the first of a trilogy of expansions and that will be followed by Midnight and The Last Titan. Together, they will form a cohesive story titled “The Worldsoul Saga.

Blizzard has promised that the three expansions will have a shorter release cycle compared to previous ones, and so far, the promise appears to be fulfilled.

World of Warcraft Classic is also only on PC, as it’s available on the same platform as its modern counterpart. 

Neither The War Within nor Cataclysm Classic have a firm release date for the moment, but at least, now you know more or less when they’re coming and all the events and updates supporting them.