World of Warcraft Classic Teases New Leveling Tool in Season of Discovery


  • Season of Discovery Phase 2 introduces the Cozy Sleeping Bag, a new item that boosts experience points for players.
  • Characters gain a stacking bonus to experience if they rest in the sleeping bag for at least a minute, with the maximum benefit obtained after three minutes.
  • The exact source of the sleeping bag item is unknown, but it is likely to be obtained from the WoW Classic Season of Discovery supply network factions.

World of Warcraft Classic just revealed the Cozy Sleeping Bag, a charming new item in Season of Discovery that gives characters a boost to experience points they gain. This is just one of the many new tools coming in the second phase of Season of Discovery to help World of Warcraft players level up faster.

Phase 2 of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery starts on February 8. This update expands the level cap to 40, adds new Rune engravings for Belts and Boots, and transforms Stranglethorn Vale into a deadly battlefield with the new Blood Moon PvP event.


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World of Warcraft Classic cracks down on a particular type of looting system used in raids on its Season of Discovery servers during Phase 2.

Recently, World of Warcraft revealed another surprise coming in Season of Discovery Phase 2. In a post on the official World of Warcraft Twitter account, it teased the Cozy Sleeping Bag, an item WoW fans can find in Season of Discovery soon. When used, players lie down and take a nap in a sleeping bag. However, if characters rest for at least a minute, they gain a stacking bonus to experience. The specifics of this item are yet unknown, but from the description, it sounds like players will gain the maximum benefit from the item if they stay there for three minutes.

The Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW Classic SoD

  • A new consumable item coming in Phase 2 that helps players level faster.
  • When used, the character unfurls a sleeping bag and lays down in it.
    • Staying inside for a minute provides a bonus to experience points gained, stacking up to 3 times.

At press time, the exact source of this new leveling tool is unknown. That said, the item appears to be Soulbound, so it is likely bind on pick-up. It doesn’t seem to be a crafted item, so while it could be a world drop, it is more likely to be an item purchased from the WoW Classic Season of Discovery supply network factions after players reach a certain reputation with them. Fans can expect to learn for certain soon after Phase 2 goes live.

a human warrior in stranglethorn vale jungle under the blood moon in wow

This isn’t the only way World of Warcraft is making leveling easier in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Once the update goes live, all players will gain 50% more experience while below level 25 and will gain a lot more experience points from turning in supply crates or clearing Blackfathom Deeps. Phase 1 of Season of Discovery made leveling in Classic WoW more fun than ever before, and it seems like its second update is taking that even further.

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