World of Warcraft Classic and The War Within release schedule roadmap for 2024

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Blizzard has finally announced their World of Warcraft Classic and The War Within release schedule roadmap for 2024, and those looking forward to enjoying new content in the land of Azeroth are in for an exciting next few months. Aside from the exciting new campaign plotline, several updates are slated for release before the expansion’s launch, introducing additional content, such as the Dragon Isles Epilogues, a new Mythic+ Season, Harbinger Quests, and more.

Following the gripping cinematic reveal of the World of Warcraft The War Within release date during BlizzCon 2023, most fans were curious about what they could expect ahead of its launch. Luckily, Blizzard has graciously provided a sneak peek at all the significant patches, content updates, and releases occurring soon, all of which we’ll cover below.

World of Warcraft The War Within release schedule roadmap

Unfortunately, Blizzard has yet to provide a specific release date for each upcoming content update. However, the developers have revealed a general window when you can expect each patch to launch:

  • The War Within Alpha – Spring 2024
  • Season 4 – Spring 2024
    • Dragonflight Raids Revisited
    • New PvP Season
    • New Mythic+ Season
    • New Open World Rewards
  • Dark Heart 10.2.7 update – Spring 2024
    • Timerunning: Pandamonium
    • Harbinger Quests
    • Troll & Draenei Heritage Armor
    • New Holiday Event
  • The War Within Beta – Summer 2024
  • The War Within Pre-Patch 11.0.1 – Summer 2024
    • World Events
    • Warbands
    • Dynamic Flight
    • Guild Updates
  • World of Warcraft The War Within launch – Autumn 2024
    • Campaign Story
    • Delves
    • Hero Talents
    • Earthen Allied Race
    • 4 New Zones
    • 8 New Dungeons
    • New Raid
    • New PvP Season
  • The War Within content update – Autumn 2024
    • Story & Quests
    • New Content & System Updates
    • 20th Anniversary Event
Image via Blizzard

Aside from the exciting launch of The War Within in Autumn 2024, we’d also recommend marking your calendars for the handful of content updates arriving beforehand. This includes the Season 4 patch that’s set to bring a new PvP season, new open-world rewards, and The War Within Alpha and Beta, so you can experience the next expansion ahead of time.

World of Warcraft Classic release schedule roadmap

In addition to revealing the World of Warcraft The War Within 2024 roadmap, Blizzard also gave fans of the Classic experience a sneak peek at what to expect in the coming months:

  • Cataclysm Classic beta – Spring 2024
  • World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore – Spring 2024
  • Season of Discovery – Spring 2024
    • Level 50 Max Cap
    • New Runes
    • New Raid
  • Cataclysm Classic pre-release – Spring 2024
    • Pre-Patch Event
    • Worgen & Goblins
    • Improved Guild Features
    • Account-Wide Collections
    • Transmog
  • World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic launch – Summer 2024
    • Campaign Story
    • 4 Raids
    • 7 Dungeons
    • 2 Heroic Dungeons
    • PvP Battleground
    • Darkmoon Island
  • Season of Discovery update – Summer 2024
    • Level 60 Max Cap
    • New Runes
    • End Game Activities
  • Cataclysm Classic update – Autumn 2024
  • Cataclysm Classic update – Autumn 2024
  • Season of Discovery update – Autumn 2024
World of Warcraft Classic and The War Within release schedule roadmap for 2024.
Image via Blizzard

Both the World of Warcraft Classic and The War Within roadmaps were confirmed through an official blog post from Blizzard. If you’re wondering why content for Winter 2024 hasn’t been revealed yet, this is likely because the dev team may be planning on announcing the updates during BlizzCon 2024, which we expect to take place in early November.

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