WiZmans World Re:Try Is Coming to the West on PC

The Japan-exclusive WiZmans World Re:Try is finally getting an official Western port. Originally released for the Nintendo DS in 2010, the game received many translations and unofficial ports. However, we’ll see it come to PC in 2024.

According to a tweet about the new site and Steam page, we’ll see it in 2024, not 2023. The game has players step into the shoes of an amnesiac wizard tasked with reviving the desolate city of Wizarest. Cut off from the outside world and plagued by endless dungeons teeming with monstrous residents, the city has succumbed to a slow, creeping oblivion. But you, wielding potent magic and accompanied by three faithful homunculi, are the last ray of hope.

The path to salvation, however, lies in tactical cunning; Wizmans World Re:Try’s turn-based battles demand keen strategy. Chain attacks are used to devastate foes while exploiting elemental strengths and weaknesses, which is key to victory. Timelines above the screen become your battle map, showcasing attack orders, and enemy health, urging you to orchestrate devastating combos and optimize your team’s every move.

But your true power lies in your homunculi, fairy-like companions with a hidden talent. When you beat any monster, its essence can be absorbed and fused with your homunculi through ‘Anima Fusion.’ This grants them the enemy’s stats, skills, and even appearance. The idea is strategically absorbing and fusing to create the ultimate monster-slaying party, tailoring their abilities to your combat style and adapting to every dungeon’s challenge.

This remaster isn’t just a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. Beyond the lovingly pixelated visuals, players can expect a revamped UI and optimized controls for a smooth PC experience. This is honestly the best part to me because older games normally have an awful UI that is a remnant of its time. Any remaster needs to change that.

So, if you’ve been a fan of this JRPG, you won’t need to download a questionable translation; a real and improved version is coming soon.