With Helldivers 2’s bugs tracking your scent, stealth isn’t for the weak

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If you’ve been serving liberty in Helldivers 2, you may have noticed that it’s harder to evade Terminid bugs than the Automaton robots. Turns out that there’s a good reason for that. Even if you try to sneak around a stray Terminid, a keen sense of smell helps them ruin your stealth routes. 

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Helldivers 2 CEO confirms that Terminids can smell you from a distance

In a conversation with YouTuber OperatorDrewski, Helldivers 2 CEO Johan Pilestedt and head of product testing Patrik Lasota discussed how stealth currently worked in the game. Pilestedt noted “It’s not really that we have stealth gameplay, it’s just that everything just has to make sense, like all the enemies, they have hearing, sight, and some have an approximation of smell within a close radius.”

They also revealed that enemies like Stalkers are “sensory aware” and can “detect you no matter if they can see you.” This makes sense but it makes stealth tactics a chore. While silenced guns have been shown off in leaks, don’t expect to move from objective to objective without incurring the wrath of the Terminids. Keeping track of which enemies are better at detection could help you minimize casualties and keep them off your trail. But resorting to heavy-handed violence might be inevitable, especially with explosive objectives like fuel silos and bug nests.

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