September 24, 2023

Wild Card Football, an upcoming 7v7 arcade-style sports sim from developer and publisher Saber Interactive, has just released a new gameplay overview trailer that breaks down the central mechanics. The trailer also features narration from longtime sportscaster Chris Berman.

Wild Card Football is slated to launch on October 10th, 2023. It will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and current or last-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Pre-ordering the game will give players four legacy players. Those include Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders.

You can watch today’s “What is Wild Card?” trailer on the official Saber Interactive YouTube channel:

It’s a little surprising that today’s trailer delves into the smaller details of the card system first, showing off modifiers, “rulebreakers”, and custom decks before the titular Wild Cards.

There are countless football sims, such as the nostalgic hit Legend Bowl, which launched last month. However, Wild Card Football is probably comparable to Rocket League, with Wild Card power-ups that resemble the same cartoonish attitude. Players can even get UFOs to abduct opponents and drop them off farther away, which is pretty strange. At least non-humans were a recent trend.

Wild Card Football’s Steam page notes that there will be over 150 Wild Cards. There’s still a month before launch, so hopefully future trailers will explore some of these outlandish aspects of the game a bit more. There’s a lot of room for creative twists, which may interest players who ordinarily avoid realistic sports sims.

While the premise might seem a little corny for hardcore sports fans, the visuals are certainly polished, and the game fully embraces its arcade elements instead of trying to please everyone. But there’s more to its card system than power-ups, which should maintain the sense of strategy that makes football so appealing.

You can read more about Wild Card Football, Saber Interactive, and other upcoming sports games by following our news section.

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