Why Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is a Great Cover Athlete for MLB The Show 24


  • MLB The Show 24’s cover athlete is Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who has proven himself as one of MLB’s finest young talents with his power hitting and accolades.
  • Guerrero Jr.’s appearance on the cover is fitting given that his father, Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero Sr., was also a cover athlete for MLB 2006, making them the first father and son duo to be featured on an MLB game cover.
  • While there may have been other players with better statistics, Guerrero Jr.’s skill and marketability make him a strong choice for the cover, and fans can expect the same high-level baseball experience they have come to expect from MLB The Show 24.

MLB The Show has featured some of baseball’s biggest names on its cover, turning many of them into household names and solidifying their status as stars in the sport. From recent Hall of Fame inductee Joe Mauer to the multitalented Shohei Ohtani, MLB The Show rarely misses out on an opportunity to highlight the best talent MLB has to offer. With the league’s Spring Training on the horizon, MLB The Show 24‘s release is imminent as well, and developer SDS has made its highly anticipated cover athlete official.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays is MLB The Show 24‘s cover athlete, marking the second time a current Toronto ballplayer has graced The Show‘s cover. With how many out-of-this-world players grace the league today, choosing an athlete who represents the very best of MLB is never an easy choice. No matter who makes the cover of an MLB The Show game, there’s sure to be a considerable number of supporters and detractors of that choice. In the case of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., the young first baseman has proven himself worthy of being MLB The Show 24‘s cover athlete in more ways than one.


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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Has Become One Of MLB’s Finest Young Talents

Over the last five years, MLB has been flush with young players who have lit the sport on fire. From 2023 NL MVP Ronald Acuna Jr. to MLB The Show 21 cover athlete Fernando Tatis Jr., fans have had no shortage of fresh and exciting faces to watch. Ever since his major league debut in 2019, Guerrero has established himself as one of the more dangerous hitters in the American League. Anchoring the Blue Jays’ lineup with his power swing and ability to get on base, Guerrero has had three seasons where he’s hit at least 25 home runs. In one of those particular seasons, he even tied for the MLB lead in home runs with 48.

On top of Guerrero’s pure skill, he’s managed to gather his fair share of accolades. He’s a three-time all-star, an All-Star Game MVP, and the 2023 Home Run Derby champion. Guerrero has also received a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger award, demonstrating his skills on the field and in the batter’s box. In a relatively short amount of time, he’s made himself a respectable figure on his team and throughout the league, and it’s that respect that has propelled him into the spotlight of MLB The Show 24‘s cover.

While Guerrero Jr.’s appearance on the cover of MLB The Show 24 would be special on its own, it’s made additionally fitting considering who his father is. Vladimir Guerrero Sr. was one of the most talented players of his generation, with an MVP award and Hall of Fame honors to back it up. The senior Guerrero also has his own experience as a cover athlete, as he was on the cover of MLB 2006. Now that his son will be The Show 24‘s cover athlete, the Guerrero’s are the first father and son ballplayers to be featured on an MLB game cover, showing how the family legacy carries on with Vlad Jr.

MLB The Show‘s cover athletes can be a divisive topic, and while there may have been better choices based on pure statistics, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. still has tremendous skill and marketability. Now that the cover athlete is official, fans can focus more on what to expect from MLB The Show 24 in terms of gameplay and content. SDS usually maintains a high standard of quality year after year, so whatever tweaks there are, The Show 24 will likely deliver the same high-level baseball experience fans have come to expect.

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MLB The Show 23

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There are a ton of players to choose from, too. MLB The Show 23 teamed up with the World Baseball Classic tournament to give players national stars and Flashbacks, with their official uniforms, from every participating country. Plus Diamond Dynasty added 25 new MLB Legends, bringing the total to over 180. Plus, the multiplayer mode is cross-platform!

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