Why Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Miles Morales Suit Controversy Likely Won’t Matter in SM3


  • Many Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 players dislike Miles Morales’ Evolved Suit due to Adidas branding and his exposed hair, as well as its colors.
  • Insomniac is likely to refine Miles’ suit in future releases, just as it has done with previous suits.
  • With some color changes, Miles lifting the hood up, and the removal of the Adidas logo, the suit could win fans over in the next game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has, rather surprisingly, become a bit of a controversial game. Exasperated by it failing to win anything at The Game Awards 2023, even though it had some truly incredible competition, some players have argued that it did not meet expectations. While much of the discourse is overblown, such as the Miles Morales main Spider-Man controversy and the gross Mary Jane criticisms, there are legitimate complaints to be made about Insomniac’s critically acclaimed title. A lack of replayable content, a limited amount of screentime for Venom, and a delayed New Game Plus update come to mind, though many players view Miles Morales’ Evolved Suit as the biggest offense of all.

Some players may genuinely enjoy Miles’ final suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and others were simply indifferent to the big reveal, a majority of the player base seems to heavily dislike the costume. The reasons for hating the costume vary, with some focusing their disdain on the Adidas branding and viewing the suit as Miles selling out. Others dislike Miles’ exposed hair since they believe it exposes his identity, though many have noted that Peter Parker couldn’t be identified if his hair was exposed in a similar manner. Regardless, there are other criticisms, like the blue material in the spider logo and the type of red used for the outfit. Ultimately, though, it’s unlikely that any of this will matter when Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 releases, as history suggests that Miles’ suit will be refined further.


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Miles’ Evolved Suit Will Likely Be Altered in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

A screenshot of Miles Morales wearing his Evolved Suit next to Peter Paker in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Suit Changes Suggest Something Similar Could Happen in SM3

Despite Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales having some gorgeous costumes for their leading heroes, Insomniac went out of its way to refine them with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In the case of Miles, the main suit from his own game was given long red accents on his arms and a darker black. Peter Parker’s beloved Advanced Suit received even bigger changes, as the orange-ish red was abandoned in favor of a darker tone, while the symbol was adjusted and the odd head shape that players always pointed out was fixed. With Insomniac improving upon designs fans liked, it could work even harder to adjust a costume that has proven unpopular.

It is worth noting that Peter Parker’s Advanced Suit was fairly unpopular when it was first revealed, with longtime fans hating the white spider that has since become iconic and helps Insomniac’s Spidey stand out. While there are more problems with Miles’ suit, there is a chance it grows on players after some updates.

How Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 Can Fix The Evolved Suit

It is important to note that Insomniac is unlikely to abandon the Evolved Suit completely. As shown by the return of the divisive Mary Jane missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the studio is not one to bend to criticism, as it wants to deliver its vision regardless of whether certain choices are controversial. However, like with MJ being made overpowered in the new stealth missions so that they are more fun to play, it’s clear that Insomniac is also willing to incorporate constructive criticism and make improvements where needed.

To keep the Evolved Suit design while addressing some complaints that fans have, Insomniac could make some simple tweaks to the costume. Having Miles put the hood up on his top would be one simple step to take, as it would cover up the hair that players have such a big issue with. While the blue spider symbol was clearly meant to channel Miles’ mastery of his new Venom abilities through its electric look, coloring this area red and making the rest of the outfit black could be a good way to bring back the color scheme fans love. Lastly, removing the Adidas branding feels like a must, as this would not compromise Insomniac’s vision in any way. As shown by the Evolved Suit rework from Redditor NathanRider, the design has a lot of potential, so hopefully it gets a touch-up just like the Advanced Suit did in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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