September 24, 2023

Does the general gamer care about Esports? It’s a question we ask ourselves a fair bit, but there’s no doubt it is growing in popularity – both as a pastime and as a spectator sport.

One of the largest mobile games there is, PUBG, is heavily involved in the space of course. Most recently the PUBG Nations Cup was held, so we took the chance to chat to one of the participants.

His name is Joe Haylock, but in-game he’s HoneyBadger. Catchy title we know. In any case we talked about why you should actually care about the increasing number of Esports events that are happening around the world and online – as well as what the future holds for Esports on mobile.

HoneyBadger and his winning smile

Gamezebo: Why should mobile gamers care about the PUBG Nations Cup – and what were you most excited for about it?

HoneyBadger: Mobile gamers should have tuned in to the PUBG Nations Cup because it bridged PC and mobile gaming, showcasing renowned PC players adapting to new teams within two weeks. It’s thrilling to watch players collaborate in-game and in person, with unique team dynamics evolving through random team shuffling. 

I was most excited to travel and represent the UK. For PNC, it makes it easy for British fans to engage and cheer for us.

Why is PUBG such a great fit for esports?

PUBG’s appeal lies in its unpredictability and adaptability. The ever-changing circle and large player counts create dynamic, strategic gameplay. It stands as one of the few strategy-based esports, where player personalities and diverse play styles shine through, making each victory more impactful.

What tips would you give people wanting to get into playing such an event?

Be genuine and passionate, as authenticity is key. Passion fuels success, even more so than money or fame. Hard work and dedication are essential, as esports is both fun and demanding.

Any specific tips for PUBG you could share too?

Watch as much content as possible, like player streams and frag movies. Embrace aggression and experiment, as improvement comes from pushing boundaries. Be honest and kind to yourself, as it’s okay not to win every game. Don’t overthink it; remember, it’s just a game.

Do you consider such a tournament to have as much prestige as general sport tournaments yet, or do you think it could ever reach that level?

Esports differs due to its digital nature, making personal connections harder to establish. Traditional sports boast larger infrastructure and cultural significance. Esports is growing but still evolving, requiring recognition as a legitimate pursuit.

Why do you think people enjoy watching esports tournaments such as the PUBG Nations Cup? 

PUBG Nations Cup epitomises PUBG’s essence, with creativity and adaptability stemming from short team preparation. Esports satisfies the human desire for competition, offering finesse, clean action, and inspiration for self-improvement. Fans aspire to reach the highest stage, fuelling their competitive spirit.

Thanks to Joe for his time! You can find the full results from the tournament via the official press release here.

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