Who should you sentence at the Royal trial in Yes, Your Grace?

Should you sentence Lord Etton, Noaksey, Lady Lena or none of them? Here are the consequences of each of these decisions.

As much as we like to tell ourselves that those at the top have it easy, the more we think about it, the more being the ruler of a land seems less and less appealing. You may have power and wealth to keep you comfortable, but every single person will be looking to you for guidance and you’re responsible for the well-being of every person living under your rule. This is effectively captured in the game Yes, Your Grace where you seldom get to experience a moment of peace as there will always be some kind of pressing issue looming on the horizon.

In the first third of the game, an incident will occur where one of your key allies is killed off. It will then fall to you to conduct an investigation and find the culprit on top of all your other kingly duties. You’ll need to gather evidence, question suspects, and seek help from specialists to get as much information as you can. You’ll be doing all of this under an overarching ticking clock, so you’ll need to work quickly and efficiently. When the Royal Trial does happen, you’ll need to decide who to sentence, and here’s some advice on that.

The evidence and people

While exploring the castle and questioning all sorts of people, you’ll come across physical pieces of evidence. All of them will be gathered in the Council Chamber, laid out in front of a window and with light emanating from it. There are three pieces to find: An animal tooth, a decorated letter, and a glass vial.

The tooth can be found after a visit from a waiter who served the poisoned drink and he directs you to the dungeon. Talking to the guard will reveal that he found an unusually shaped and large tooth, made into a charm of sorts. When the Hunter joins your staff, you can show him the tooth to learn more about it.

The letter can be found in the Castle Garden hidden under a loose tile. Grab the needles from the Bed Chamber to pry it up. Upon inspection, the letter contains instructions on applying the poison to the drink and is decorated with sketches of plants. Show the letter to your General and he’ll search to learn more about its style and pattern.

The vial can be found at a specific location on the map that will be highlighted after receiving a mysterious letter. Sending an agent to the location will bring you back a small glass vial with traces of an unknown substance. Show it to the Witch after she joins so that she can perform experiments to determine if it’s the poison that was used to poison Talys.

Remember to invite a new Ally every chance you get to see if they can give you insight into the pieces of evidence. Don’t forget to recall previous Allies whenever you find a new one.

The Royal Trial

Screen with each ally in Yes, Your Grace

The week before Beyran’s army is scheduled to arrive, Eryk will hold the trial with every person of interest in attendance. The trial will start with three witnesses each implicating a different Ally in the crime. The primary suspects are Lord Etton (the vial), Noaksey the Dragonslayer (the tooth), and Lady Lena (the Lena). After all the witnesses have spoken, all the evidence has been presented, and all the suspects have responded, you have to choose someone to sentence for execution. If you have allied with any of the suspects, sentencing them will instantly lose you their support.

  • If you sentence Lord Etton, you’ll lose the support of 230 soldiers and a weekly delivery of six weekly supplies. You’ll also lose a point of Happiness.
  • If you sentence Noaksey the Dragonslayer, you’ll lose the support of 180 soldiers and a weekly delivery of five supplies.
  • If you sentence Lady Lena, you’ll lose the support of 300 soldiers, five weekly supplies, and four weekly pieces of gold. You should only consider Lena if you haven’t allied with her, though keep in mind that her alliance will require you to marry off your daughter Asalia.
  • If you choose to sentence no one, your trusted friend and advisor Audry will confess to the crime to prevent the blame from falling on Eryk. This will allow you to keep all of your allies, but you’ll lose the companionship and advice of Audry. No matter who you choose, Ivo will accept the results of the trial.

Okay, now you know the consequences of each sentence that you can make in Yes, Your Grace. And since you love kingdom management games, you might want to learn which are the best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms.