Who is the WWE 2K24 cover star athlete? Leak possibly spoil’s 2K’s mystery

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WWE had a thrilling 2023 and this year is set to be even better with Triple H fully at the helm of creative. The Royal Rumble is only one week away and, to coincide with the road to WrestleMania, 2K is beginning the road to WWE 2K24. We now have an official reveal date and 2K has begun hyping the mystery surrounding the cover star athlete. Nothing is certain right now, but a leak has possibly revealed who the WWE 2K24 cover star athlete is ahead of Monday Night RAW.

WWE 2K23 was a great installment for the franchise. It was a great continuation of the foundation established by 2K22, and 2K24 is poised to continue the same run of form. CM Punk will likely be in the game as DLC, and 2K have teased the return of a beloved match type after a nearly ten-year absence.

All of the above is exciting as is the roster list that will be bigger and better than ever. Yet, despite featuring over one-hundreds wrestlers in its roster, only one of them will be the WWE 2K24 cover star athlete.

Who is the WWE 2K24 cover star athlete?

A leak says that the WWE 2K24 cover athlete star is Cody Rhodes. This comes courtesy of prominent insider boozerwrasslin on Twitter as shared by the WWEgames community on Reddit. This is not official, but Cody Rhodes would make sense as he is the company’s number-one merchandise mover.

The official reveal of the cover star should happen on Monday Night RAW as 2K has teased news for January 22nd. In regard to the cover athlete, the WWEGames Twitter account has posted a video of talent speculating about who will be the face of the game. Zoey Stark says Cody Rhodes, Bianca Belair says herself, Austin Theory says himself, too, meanwhile Xavier Woods touts for the New Day.

It would be nice if the cover was similar to the old SmackDown Vs RAW games that featured several wrestlers. Roman Reigns standing off against Cody Rhodes would be great with splashes of red and blue to signify their different rosters, but it’s unlikely likely as nearly all of the 2K games have featured only one individual on the cover. 2K20 is the only exception with Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns.

Again, the mystery will be answered on January 22nd. Judging by the series’ history since 2K22, we should get a live-action teaser trailer with brief snippets of gameplay. We already know that the release date is planned for around WrestleMania, but a specific launch day should be confirmed, too.