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Wondering who the Tales of Tanorio upcoming Tanorians are? With future game updates in development, there are plenty of new Tanorians on their way to the game.

Tales of Tanorio is a Roblox game based heavily on the Pokemon franchise. Each Tanorian has a unique design, with inspiring evolutions, and a range of different Types. Prefer Ghost Types? It has them! Or do you like Grass Types? Look in the bushes! With shiny hunting, community-based route buffs, and mounts, Tales of Tanorio is the place to be for Pokemon fans alike.

Head to the official Roblox page to start your adventure! If you’re enjoying Tales of Tanorio already, have a nosey at our Tales of Tanorio Weather guide that discusses the weather-exclusive Tanorians.

Tales of Tanorio Upcoming Tanorians

This guide will receive updates over time when new information becomes available for each upcoming Tanorian. Plus, when a new Tanorian is announced, I’ll add them to the section below – remember to bookmark this page!


Nekome is a base Tanorian and is a hybrid of Fairy and Metal, with Fairy being its primary and Metal being its secondary. As this Tanorian isn’t in the game at this current time, it’s not known where this adorable critter will appear. However, due to its 2 Types, we can make some guesses as to what it’s weak to and which Types it can resist! Please keep in mind that this may be subject to change in the future.

  • Weak to:
  • Resists:
    • Bug
    • Gem
    • Normal
    • Air
    • Psychic
    • Dragon
    • Dark
    • Fairy
    • Poison (immune)


This Tanorian is the second evolved form of the Nekome! Think of the latter as a kitten, and this one is a slightly older kitten (not a great analogy but hey-ho!). Similar to the Nekome, the Nekron is also a hybrid of Fairy and Metal.

As of right now, it’s not clear what level the Nekome needs to be to evolve into a Nekron. For its appearance, it now has 2 tails on either side of its head, with floating arms and paws, as well as short floating legs. It retains its cat-shaped head and face, keeping the ‘neko’ vibe going.


The third and final evolution of the Nekome! This one looks similar to the Nekron, but a little more robotic in design. Interestingly, the method of obtaining this final form is by holding an item called the ‘USB-Upgader’. No information regarding this item is available as of yet, but it’s definitely a new way to evolve a Tanorian!


This little guy is a Fire and Dragon Type hybrid. It stands on two legs and wears a firey shell over its heard while it sticks its tongue out. It has red detailing on its knees and chest and has small but sharp claws. Nobody knows if this is a base-only Tanorian, or if it has any other evolutions later down the line. There are no further details about obtainment either!

Still, we can make some avid guesses about its weaknesses, so let’s take a look:

  • Weak to:
  • Resists:
    • Grass
    • Metal
    • Electric
    • Fire
    • Bug
Raptini Abilities

Despite not knowing much about Raptini, we do know what some of its abilities are.

  • Smokey Sneeze
  • Gnaw
  • Ancestral Call
  • Burning Bite