Whisperers invade Waven during the new Whisperer season

Create your own Astramantis hero.

Waven is launching its new Whisperer season. During the new season, which runs through February 13th, Whisperers and the Astramantis heroes will be invading the game. The Astramantises, first shown in an early access sneak peek, are now available in the character creation menu, allowing you to create your own Astramantis hero.

Waven is a tactical RPG where you sail between islands searching for fame and fortune. The game takes place in a flooded world where few islands have survived the rising waters. As an adventurer, you seek a way to reverse the rising waters and save the world. You’ll partake in turn-based tactical battles in which you’ll cast devastating spells and summon mythical companions to aid you.

In addition to the new season, you can now snag a new ultimate skin inspired by the manga RADIANT, thanks to a collaboration with the manga’s author, Tony Valente. You can purchase this new skin using gems via the in-game shop. The skin was created to celebrate the launch of the Astramantis heroes. As an Astramantis hero, you’ll have access to the Mantis Leap passive ability.

The new Whisperer season also brings a new Time Portal to the game. You can use the new Time Portal to take on the role of a horde of Whisperers. Whisperers are small yet mysterious beings who work together to take down their foes. These armoured beings are far more formidable than they look.

The new Whisperers season also introduces new Gold and Platinum passes. Obtaining one of these passes will grant you Whisperer horde-themed items, including a faithful Whisperer pet to join you on your adventures and new visual effects to display in battle. Further, by purchasing a pass, you’ll gain access to new Whisperer emotes and season tickets, which give you more chances to fight Bontarians.

Waven is available on Google Play, the App Store and Steam. To keep up with all the latest Waven news, check out the game’s official website or follow Waven on X (Twitter) or Instagram.