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Sure your blade might be sharp, but can it be better? My guide covers the Swordburst 3 Enchants so you can enjoy this magical boosting feature of the game. If you can enchant, why not, what’s to lose?

Swordburst 3 is an explosive open-world RPG with stunning graphics and immersive fights right on Roblox’s platform! You can challenge fearsome bosses and mobs to obtain loot and upgrade your gear before traversing into new magical lands full of mystery, quests, whimsy and a sprinkle of medieval.

Check out Swordburst 3 over on Roblox if you haven’t already! (What are you doing here then?). We also have a Swordburst 3 Skills Tier List, Swordburst 3 Map and a Swordburst 3 Weapons Guide.

Swordburst 3 Enchants

Enchants within Swordburst 3 work similarly to other games where a weapon can be imbued with a magical property. This allows it a secondary ability alongside the default slashing technique. Enchanting stations can be found dotted around the island of Arcadia, and here is where the magic happens, literally. The enchanting station typically takes the appearance of a column of blue gem-like shards with a purple gem waypoint above the structure.

Enchanting weapons as well as armour will cost you a sum of Pure Amethyst or Pure Aquamarine. And, enchants can be re-rolled if you’re not happy with the hand you were dealt. Similar to a gacha system, the enchants are randomly rolled and the stronger, more versatile enchants are locked behind a higher rarity and lower roll chance.

Meet The Enchants

Regardless of if you enchant a weapon or armour, these are the available finds. You can re-roll enchants you’re unhappy with, or ones that don’t fit the use of the item being enchanted.

  • ATK – +8% Damage
  • BURSTPWR – +10% Burst Power
  • CRIT – +10% Critical Hit Chance
  • CRITDMG – +75% Critical Hit Damage
  • HPREGEN – +20% Health Regen
  • MAXHP – +20% Maximum HP
  • MOVESPD – +20% Movement Speed
  • SPREGEN – +40% SP Regen
  • STAMINA – +20% Stamina

Which Is The Best Enchant?

The best enchantment will depend on your playstyle. Ideally, with enchants, you want to aim for something that either boosts something you severely lack or something you’re already good at to heighten its potency. I’d say where armour is concerned the best enchant would be MAXHP, which deposits an extra +20% of your base health on top of what you already have. For weapons, I’d recommend CRITDMG, or BURSTPWR, which both have solid attack potential.