September 28, 2023

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It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole and spend a lot of time crafting equipment and items in Starfield. That drop leads to a rough landing when you find you don’t have the resources necessary to complete a task. One item that comes up a lot is Adhesive. You’re all but certain to need it eventually, so here is our guide telling you where to get Adhsive in Starfield.

Starfield – where to get Adhesive

Adhesive, which should not be confused with the similar-sounding Sealant, can be a bit more difficult to locate because you won’t exactly find it growing on trees. To get Adhesive, purchase it from vendors or find it on benches and tables in outposts or space stations.

Starfield Resource Adhesive

Screenshot by PC Invasion

When crafting, you often need Adhesive to produce mods for your Spacesuit. For instance, it is a component in Energy Shielding, Explosive Shielding, and Heavy Shielding. I used it often while upgrading my Mantis armor pieces. Not surprisingly, it also proved useful when researching Spacesuit Mods 1, Spacesuit Mods 2, and Helmet Mods 2.

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Only certain merchants carry Adhesive regularly. I’ve had terrific luck checking with Wen Tseng, the merchant who runs the UC Distribution operation in the Commercial District in New Atlantis. Other merchants who carry it include Denis at the UC Exchange in Cydonia, Emerson Shepherd at Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City, and Dietrich Sieghart at Sieghart’s Outfitters in Neon Core.

The above merchants should be enough to keep your supply of Adhesive in good shape. They restock periodically, so you can build up quite a bit of it. If you want to get Adhesive elsewhere, check Civilian Outposts. The merchants that often occupy those places carry Adhesive fairly regularly. Also, make sure to check the junk you find on surfaces when visiting space stations, abandoned mines, and so forth. Sometimes, you might get something good from the refuse.

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