September 29, 2023

Crafting plays a large role in Starfield, it can help you get stronger gear.  If you are out in deep space, this allows you to craft ammo and medicine. It helps you survive better, so you should invest in this aspect as early as you can. Not all resources in the game that are used to craft are as common as Iron or Aluminum, so you’ll need to spend time searching. But when you stumble on the rarer resources, you can create better items. One of the more elusive resources in Starfield which is Tungsten is extremely uncommon. If you’re just starting the game, it can be nearly impossible to find. However, thanks to some Redditors, it seems like we can narrow down our search better. So, if you’re in the market for Tungsten, this guide will show where to find it in Starfield. 

Starfield: Where to find Tungsten

There are a few ways to get Tungsten, you can go through the Shopkeeps if you have the money. But, be warned, because the material is rare, many vendors might not hold a lot of it or any of it. If you planet hop from store to store to accumulate a good amount of Tungsten which may take more time.

The other method is by going to planets which are usually rich with resources including Tungsten. However, most of the planets I’ve found that hold the resource are harsh and extreme and do damage even with a spacesuit. On the other hand, I think I found the Goldilocks moon for Tungsten. There’s a celestial body called Voss which is a moon of the gas giant Olivas, it’s located in the Alpha Centauri Star System.  Olivas is the biggest planet in the system, so it’ll be hard to miss. The planet is ideal to explore because it’s not harsh nor extreme, plus you can build an outpost here. On top of that, it seems to be highly dense in Tungsten, so you can spend a lot of time mining for it there.

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