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My guide tells you everything you need to know about the brand-new Sols RNG Stella NPC. From where she is, what she can do, and how to complete her quest! There are a lot of new features brewing around this new witchy NPC and it all begins in the new island location from the Era 5 update.

Sol’s RNG is a unique Roblox game that is basically a kid-friendly gambling addiction. The main goal in the game is to obtain as many auras as possible! You have unlimited rolls, and you can also craft items to increase your overall luck. In short, the endgame is being able to flex the rarest and coolest auras around!

To learn more about Sol’s RNG, visit the official Roblox page. We’ve also got Sol’s RNG Tier List which ranks all obtainable auras from best to worst! Or, take a step back and try our How to Play Sol’s RNG The Easy Way guide.

Sols RNG Stella NPC

Added in Era 5, the Sols RNG Stella NPC requires a bit of exploring to find. Not only does this NPC offer a new quest to the player, but you can also craft new potions here which are significantly better than the standard Luck Potion and Speed Potion found around the island. So, let’s get into it!

Where To Find Stella

In the Era 5 update, the cascading mountain on the island has caved in to create… a cave! You can enter through two different points, but only one leads to Stella. It may take a few tries since her location is parkour-heavy, but thankfully there are ways to simplify your journey later into the game.

You’ll need to climb up the ladders on the tree near the bridge and follow the path of trees to the mountainside where you can enter the cave. Once inside, head to the left of the bridge internal to the cave and follow the obby until you see Stella standing by her camp and cauldron.

Stella’s Quest

Stella currently offers one quest which requires a new item found around the island. Unlike regular drop items such as CoinsLuck Potions, and Speed Potions, Stella’s unique item, the Stella’s Star can only be found during the Starfall weathering biome which has a 1 in 6000 chance to spawn. On top of that, during the Starfall, the item has a 1 in 6000 spawn chance… Yikes!

The quest “Let’s find the magical ingredient” requires you to find a single one of Stella’s Stars. In exchange for returning this to her, a portal will be opened between the base of the cave and Stella’s location meaning you don’t have to parkour each time you visit her and can simply teleport.

Sadly, luck boosters won’t increase the chance of a Stella’s Star spawning, nor are they found via Breakthroughs since they’re not an aura. If one spawns in you’ll need to be quick in grabbing it as much like other drop items, once a player has swiped it it’s gone from the map until another spawns in.

Stella’s Crafting

And finally, crafting! Expand your horizons from Jake’s Workshop as Stella has some little elixirs for you to craft. Being a witch, all her craftables are potion related, but they’re damn good!

Fortune Potion

  • Fortune I – +150% (x2.5) luck for 5 minutes
    • Luck Potion – x5
    • Uncommon – x1
    • Rare – x5
    • Gilded – x1
  • Fortune II – +200% (x3) luck for 7 minutes
    • Fortune Potion I – x1
    • Luck Potion – x10
    • Uncommon – x5
    • Rare – x10
    • Gilded – x2
  • Fortune III – +250% (x3.5) luck for 10 minutes
    • Fortune Potion II – x1
    • Luck Potion – x15
    • Uncommon – x10
    • Rare – x15
    • Gilded – x5

Haste Potion

  • Haste Potion I – -30% cooldown time on rolls for 3 minutes
    • Speed Potion – x10
    • Uncommon – x5
    • Rare – x10
    • Wind – x1
  • Haste Potion II – -50% cooldown time on rolls for 5 minutes
    • Haste Potion I – x1
    • Speed Potion – x10
    • Uncommon – x10
    • Rare – x15
    • Wind – x2

Heavenly Potion

  • Heavenly Potion I – +100,000% (+1000) luck for the next roll
    • Luck Potion – x100
    • Divinus – x50
    • Gilded – x20
    • Celestial – x1
  • Heavenly Potion II – +200,000% (+2000) luck for the next 2 rolls
    • Heavenly Potion I – x2
    • Luck Potion – x125
    • Divinus – x75
    • Gilded – x50
    • Exotic – x50

Universal Potion

  • Universe Potion I – Chance to roll Starfall auras with their usual roll rate for 10 minutes
    • Luck Potion – x10
    • Rare – x15
    • Comet – x2