Where to find the rest of the unfinished letter

This might be the deadliest mailing job in history. Here is where to find the rest of the unfinished letter in the A Veil of Gossamer Clouds quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

A Veil of Gossamer Clouds: How to start the mission

Before you start worrying about unfinished letters and mysterious distant locations, the A Veil of Gossamer Clouds Sven quest needs you to complete Feast of Deception and Masked Correspondence. The first of the two is the final Captain Brant quest and will bring the end to Dragon’s Dogma Act 1. The second one is the first quest given by Sven.

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Once you have completed both quests, you will receive an invitation from an NPC from Sven, asking you to meet him. You can instead straight-up go to Sven chambers in Vernworth Castle. You will have to unveil the mystery behind some correspondence involving her mother, Queen Regent Disa.

Where to find the rest of the unfinished letter in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The most difficult thing about this quest is actually finding out where to look for the rest of the unfinished letter. The only clue you have is that the letter that will trigger the A Veil of Gossamer Clouds quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 addresses an NPC called Phaesus. Whether you have advanced through your journey and explored beyond Vermund or stayed behind will determine your familiarity with this name. Be that as it may, you will need to head out and go to Battahl, more specifically to the Forbidden Magick Research Lab, located to the east of Bakbattahl.

Dragons Dogma 2 Forbidden Lab
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How to gain entry to Battahl

Getting to Bakbattahl can be a real pain in you know what because every single step toward it may be your last. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. First of all, to Bakbattahl you will need the help of Captain Brant, who will give you a Border Entry Permit which will allow you to travel freely to Battahl from the south gate of Checkpoint Rest Town.

Dragons Dogma 2 Battahl Gate
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However, the type of Entry Permit you get will be determined by whether you have completed The Arisen’s Shadow quest and whether you let Bermudo go or not. If you didn’t catch Bermudo or you let him go freely, your Entry Permit will be limited to Beastren, requiring you to purchase a Beastren Mask from Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop to fool the guard guarding the gate. If you secure Bermudo’s capture by Captain Brant, he will give you an Entry Permit which will not require you to be Beastren or wear a mask at all.

Dragons Dogma 2 Beastren Mask
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Bakbattahl: Forbidden Magick Research Lab location

Dragons Dogma 2 Flamebearer Palace
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Once you get to Bakbattahl, you will want to head out to the east side of it and you will encounter some huge steps to Flamebearer Palace. Head inside and then take a left and head through the first gate on the left. Head down the spiraling steps and you will get to the Forbidden Magick Research Lab.

Dragons Dogma 2 Forbidden Magick Research Lab Entrance
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You will hear a brief conversation regarding some communications from Vermund which will catch your attention and make the quest update. You will then trigger a marker zone inside the lab. Head to the room to your right and you will find a letter addressed to Lord Phaesus. This is exactly what you have been looking for! All you need to do now is to travel back to Vernworth and give said letter to Sven and the quest will be completed.

Dragons Dogma 2 Letter To Lord Phaesus
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Your first travel to Battahl may be a little bit bumpy if you don’t have a particularly high level, so make sure to do some side quests in preparation and recruit powerful Pawns. This is because the very first travel will be on foot since Oxcarts are conveniently suspended momentarily. The way to Bakbattahl houses all sorts of enemies. I’m talking about Griffinbs, Golems, Harpies, Hobgoblins, and a complete list of your unfulfilled dreams – which arguably is the scariest of them all.

Dragons Dogma 2 Letter Delivery
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I would suggest avoiding conflict if you start seeing yourself overwhelmed by the enemies and using your precious Wakestones. Once you get to Bakbattahl, you will unlock the ability to use Oxcart travel between Checkpoint Rest Town and Bakbattahl so you can save yourself from certain death and frustration.

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