Where to find Snowballs in Destiny 2 Dawning 2023

Destiny 2 has once again released its annual holiday event in the form of the Dawning 2023, and players are stoked to see what kind of festive mayhem they can get after. Snowballs are back this year as well, and for new players, they can be a bit tricky to find, so we’ve got you covered.

How to get Upgraded Snowballs in Destiny 2 Dawning 2023

The Dawning is one of the events similar to Guardian Games that Destiny 2 players look forward to each year, as while they are familiar, they give a fresh coat of paint in terms of content.

This year, a lot of features that we’ve seen in the past are back once again, including the addition of Snowballs, and players will need to hunt these down, as they’re used for an abundance of challenges within Destiny 2.

To obtain Snowballs this year, players will need to use the new Dawning weapons, which can be obtained via the new in-game challenge. As well, players will be able to generate Snowballs by using their class’s ultimate ability.

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Credit: Bungie

For players to upgrade their Snowballs during the Dawning 2023, you’ll need to head over to Eva Levante, the vendor for this year’s event once again.

Once you’re here, you’ll notice that on her vendor page, she has numerous upgrades that players can purchase for this year’s event, and some of them are for Snowballs exclusively.

Some of these upgrades are going to cause enemies to be slowed once hit by Snowballs, or leave a Statis mine upon impact. So, be sure to log into Destiny 2 and try your hand at these Snowballs, as players will want to take advantage of them while they’re within the game, as they’re a ton of fun.

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