Where to Find Skittle in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Baldur’s Gate 3 gives you a large and rich world to explore. In Act 3, your party finally gets to visit the titular city of Baldur’s Gate. The city itself is bigger than the previous act’s area, and it can be overwhelming at first. It hides all sorts of secrets around every dark corner or grimy alleyway. Be patient and explore to be rewarded with many strange mysteries and encounters.

You can find many secret merchants throughout the game, and Act 3 is no different. There is even a small rat named Skittle that you can trade with. His inventory includes the Counting House n°2 key for cheap. You must be able to Speak with Animals to talk to him and access his shop. Here is where you can find this rodent merchant in the city of Baldur’s Gate.


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Skittle Location In Baldur’s Gate 3

the heapside prison entrance on the game map

Skittle is located at the Heapside Prison in the Lower City section of Baldur’s Gate. The prison can be found at the Fist Basilisk Barracks right above the Basilisk Gate fast travel point. You will find the Prison Entrance past the main desk at coordinates (X:154, Y:-6).

This is also where your party members will be locked up if they are caught committing crimes in Baldur’s Gate.

How To Get Into Skittle’s Cell

Skittle is in the cell straight across from where you went down the stairs. The door of the cell is locked. Lockpicking and opening it is considered a crime by the two guards and the Steel Watcher observing the area. You can quickly sneak in while the guard near the cell is staring into it. Bringing a skilled rogue or using a potion of invisibility can make the process of sneaking in a great deal easier.

If you are not in the mood to commit any crimes, you can wait until he scurries close to the front of the cell. Skittle can speak to you from behind bars, but it may take a while for him to move to the right position. It is not a crime to walk into the cell once the door is unlocked. He carries an assortment of items, but you should buy the Counting House n°2 Key from him.

Where To Use The Counting House Key In Baldur’s Gate 3

The left half of the image is a high security vaut and the right side is the character Rakath

The Counting House is the city bank you can find at the southernmost point of Baldur’s Gate. Enter the lower vault areas to fight off some enemies and discover a plot to rob the city. As a reward, the guards will turn a blind eye to you ransacking the High-Security vaults.

Each vault has a corresponding key that opens it. Unlocking these vaults will lead to some of the most valuable weapons and items in all of Baldur’s Gate 3.