September 24, 2023

The Shield Breaker EMP Grenade is the newest item in Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games released it with a content update on Tuesday, September 5. This is the first content update of Chapter 4 – Season 4, and Epic released it ahead of a bigger update next week.

The EMP item was teased in the Season 4 trailer. It was also leaked shortly after the season came out, as several reputable leakers revealed its stats. The item was just released to the battle royale game, and many players can’t wait to try it out.

This article will provide a guide on where to find Shield Breaker EMP Grenade in Fortnite Season 4.

Why can’t I find Shield Breaker EMP in Fortnite?

Epic Games released the first content update of Season 4 on Tuesday at 9 AM Eastern Time. However, despite the update coming out at 9, it didn’t bring the new item. It appears that Epic forgot to add it to the update, which is why many players couldn’t find it.

Something similar happened to the Cozy Campfire item back in Chapter 1. Epic released a big update with this item, yet the item wasn’t released to live servers. Fortunately, the development team pushed the update with the item on Wednesday, adding the Shield Breaker EMP Grenade.

You can find the new Fortnite item in chests and heist bags. The item is perfect for bypassing defense systems and getting valuable loot from vaults. Thanks to it, you can easily grab one of the new Mythic weapons and use them to win games.

The item is great for damaging shields and disabling electronic devices. You can carry six of these items in a stack, and they deal 70 shield damage. The Shield Breaker EMP Grenade can disable turrets, cars, lasers, vending machines, and cameras for 25 seconds. It can also be used on fishing holes.

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