Where to Find Drakenhold’s Escaped Chickens (All Chicken Locations)

In Unicorn Overlord, Alain leads the Liberation Army in their quest to free the kingdoms of Fevrith from the oppressive rule of the Zenoiran Empire. The game primarily revolves around engaging in battles and delivering essential supplies to liberate and rebuild the towns encountered during the journey. However, Alain and his team also find themselves aiding citizens with more unique tasks, including the unexpected challenge of wrangling chickens.

This quest marks the second chicken rescue mission Alain undertakes in his travels across Fevrith, so you may already be acquainted with the intricacies of capturing chickens. Here’s where you can find all four escaped chickens in the Drakenhold desert to complete the “Drakenhold’s Escaped Chickens” quest in Unicorn Overlord.

Where to Start Drakenhold’s Escaped Chickens Quest

Upon arriving in Unicorn Overlord‘s Drakenhold region, you’ll be given the quest “Beyond the Swirling Sands.” During this quest, you’ll eventually arrive at Ganrafeldt Town and encounter a man standing outside the town. After conversing with him, you learn that he has lost his chickens. Naturally, he seeks your assistance, which starts the overworld quest “Drakenhold’s Escaped Chickens.”


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Completing The Drakenhold’s Escaped Chickens Quest

In this side quest, your objective is to find and retrieve four chickens that have escaped into the nearby desert. Unlike the feathered fugitives in Tears of the Kingdom, you won’t need to physically pick up and return each chicken in Unicorn Overlord. Simply approach a chicken, and it will automatically be collected. To catch a chicken, move towards it gradually to prevent it from getting scared. If you startle the chicken, it will run away and vanish, requiring you to stay in the vicinity until it reappears.

All four chickens can be found in the desert surrounding Ganrafeldt Town and are relatively easy to spot. The four escaped chickens can be found in the following locations in Drakenhold desert:

Drakenhold Escaped Chicken #1 Location

The first escaped chicken can be found directly south of Ganrafeldt Town near the cliffs.

Drakenhold Escaped Chicken #2 Location

The second escaped chicken can be found further southeast from Ganrafeldt Town in a small clearing surrounded by rocks.

Drakenhold Escaped Chicken #3 Location

The third escaped chicken can be found to the northeast of Ganrafeldt Town on the road leading into the town.

Drakenhold Escaped Chicken #4 Location

The fourth escaped chicken can be found further southwest of Ganrafeldt Town near the beach.


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Handing In The Drakenhold’s Escaped Chickens Quest

After collecting all four chickens, return to the man outside Ganrafeldt Town to complete the “Drakenhold’s Escaped Chickens” quest. The rewards for completing this quest include:

  • 1 Golden Egg
  • 1 Honor
  • 1 Free Meal Ticket

The Golden Egg is a highly valuable accessory that doubles the gold earned by the unit it’s equipped on during combat. Although it can be sold for a significant sum (30,000 gold), it’s advisable to retain and utilize it. The increased gold accumulation over multiple battles will certainly outweigh the immediate financial gain from selling it.

You can equip the Golden Egg on multiple units within your squad, but you cannot equip more than one on the same unit. Additionally, the Golden Egg’s bonus to gold earnings does not apply to gold acquired through the Thief’s Plunder skill.

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