Where to Find Bulbasaur (Indigo Disk)

The starter Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 8 are compatible with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and as of the 3.0.0 update, they can be caught in the setting of Indigo Disk, the second part 2 Scarlet/Violet‘s expansion pass: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. Among these Pokemon is Bulbasaur, the first Pokemon in the Pokedex.

There are several ways to get a Bulbasaur in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, but if you intend to catch one in the wild, you’ll need the Indigo Disk DLC. The Seed Pokemon will spawn in Indigo Disk’s Terarium, but only if you meet the requirements. Even if you don’t intend to use Bulbasaur or its evolutions in battle, you’ll need to catch them if you want to fill out the Blueberry Pokedex.


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Where to Find Bulbasaur in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Coastal Biome in Terarium

pokemon scarlet violet indigo disk bulbasaur location

If you’ve bought the expansion pass, then you will gain access to Indigo Disk after you’ve completed the following:

  • Starfall Street
  • Path of Legends
  • Victory Road
  • Kitakami/Teal Mask storyline

However, since Bulbasaur will only appear if you’ve expanded the Coastal Biome, you will need to have access to the League Club at Blueberry Academy. You will unlock this after completing “The Way Home” story and starting the postgame. Meet up with Carmine at the Central Plaza, and defeat her in battle so that you can meet Drayton, one of the Blueberry Academy’s Elite Four. He will then invite you to the League Club where you will learn about contributing Blueberry Points (BP) to other clubs.

Blueberry Points are a currency exclusive to Blueberry Academy that can be sent to other clubs to unlock various features. You will need to send 3000BP to the Coastal Biome environment club to get Bulbasaur to appear in the wild. Without this, Bulbasaur cannot spawn.

BPs are gained by completing Blueberry Quests (BBQs), which are assigned to you three at a time. Some quests are as easy as catching a Pokemon while others require you to “sneak up and battle a Pokemon” or “clear a Tera Raid in Terarium.”

Once you send over 3000BP and expand the Coastal Biome, you can find Bulbasaur in the west side of the Coastal Biome. Some will spawn near the shorelines of the Coastal Biomes, but they’ll never spawn in the water itself. A good place to start looking is near the Coastal Rest Area.

How to Get Bulbasaur without Inidgo Disk DLC

How to Transfer with Pokemon HOME

pokemon home transfer venusaur to pokemon scarlet

Without the expansion pass, your only way of getting Bulbasaur is to get one from a trade, or transferring a Bulbasaur you caught in another game. Bulbasaur can be caught in the following:

  • Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl
  • Pokemon Sword/Shield (Isle of Armor DLC)
  • Pokemon: Let’s go, Pikachu!/Eevee!
  • Pokemon GO

Trading requires a Nintendo Online Membership, which will allow you to access the Union Circle in Scarlet/Violet (X-button -> L-button (connect to internet) -> Poke Portal -> Union Circle -> Form or Join Group).

  • The Union Circle is where you can trade Pokemon with anyone in your group. (X-button -> Poke Portal -> Link Trade)

If you’re transferring, you will need Pokemon HOME on the Switch and (if transferring from Pokemon GO) your mobile device. You will need to link your primary Nintendo Account to HOME to use HOME‘s features.

  • Transferring from Pokemon GO: Make sure your accounts are linked. In Pokemon GO, choose Settings -> Connected Devices and Services -> Pokemon HOME -> Send Pokemon.
  • Transferring from BDSP, SwSh, or Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee:
    1. Place Bulbasaur in the PC Boxes of the source game, then save and exit.
    2. Go into Pokemon HOME on the switch, and open the source game, then move Bulbasaur to a basic box. Save changes and exit.
    3. Now, open the target game (ie: Scarlet or Violet), and move Bulbasaur from the Basic Box to a PC Box. Save changes and exit.


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How to Evolve Bulbasaur & Ivysaur into Venusaur

What Level Does Bulbasaur Evolve?

pokemon scarlet violet indigo disk ivysaur

The Bulbasaur you catch in Terarium will be around level 58 (or higher), so you will only need to level it up once to evolve it into Ivysaur. Then, level up Ivysaur (also once) to evolve it into Venusaur.

If you’re evolving Bulbasaur that you transferred from another game or one that you transferred from GO, then you will need to level up Bulbasaur to level 16 to evolve it into Ivysaur. Then, level up Ivysaur to level 32 to get Venusaur.