September 24, 2023

Spacefarers across the stars will always have something to show for their efforts during the Starfield adventures of the future. With every captain comes a crew, and every space crew must assemble within a starship for interstellar action. As the captain of the Frontier (and other spacecraft if permitted), it’s essential to keep your ship up-to-date, with the game allowing you to buy and sell ship parts for your quests and adventurous necessities.

From replacing older Dogstar Avionics parts to recovering abandoned Nova Galactic components, there’s a certain freedom to explore when it comes to fixing up your ship with a facelift or two. Bethesda once again gives us the space to make our spacecraft truly our own. This ultimately reminds us of the building mechanics from Fallout 4, only this time our home will mostly be set in space. With this in mind, this guide will explain where you can buy and sell ship parts for your time in Starfield.

Where to Buy and Sell Ship Parts

If you’re looking to swap out your spaceship modules, you can buy and sell ship parts at any available Ship Services Technician on any established planet within the Settled Systems in Starfield. These generous employees will direct you to their nearby kiosks so that you can start bartering your way to better equipment and credit returns. You’ll find them in the populated spaceports, where you can also customize your ship to your liking. The Technicians shouldn’t be hard to locate, for they’re mostly found within the spaceport areas where ships come to land and take off.

Starfield How to Buy and Sell Ship Parts

In addition to gathering new ship parts, look toward the Starship Design Tech Skill for Expert players. This will offer you the option to progressively install newer and better ship modules. It’s a fine way to show off to the other folks in space what you have to represent, but be cautious of who you run into, though. The Settled Systems aren’t as balanced as we might hope for it to be.

As you make your way through the many planets and conflicts in Starfield, you’ll need to continuously upkeep your starship while making progress with Constellation. The chaos that is erupting from the criminal factions continues to plague space. Independent pirate spacers, the vicious Crimson Fleet, those dirty Ecliptic Mercenaries, and the mysterious House Va’ruun body all come to mind, each armed to the teeth with their own fleets and forces in space.

Just for quick reference, here are the spacecraft modules and components to consider when you’re ready to buy and sell ship parts in Starfield:

  • Bay
  • Cargo
  • Cockpit
  • Cowling
  • Docker
  • Hab
  • Engine
  • Fuel Tank
  • Grav Drive
  • Landing Gear
  • Reactor
  • Shield Generator
  • Weapons

How to Increase Ship Storage

Of course, when it comes to customizing your ship, you’ll need to carefully handle your credits and resources. Maximizing your storage is essential, especially when we need to search for the alien Artifacts in Starfield. Therefore, you’ll need to consider cargo holds for your starship when it comes to buying and selling parts. These act as storage slots that can greatly complement the inventory you have in your pockets.

With your initial Frontier spacecraft, you’re only set at a minimum amount of items to carry along with you. As you continue to explore the various planets in the game, you’ll need to invest in bigger cargo holds to maintain consistent maintenance with your acquired items, gifts, and other vital resources.

Expert Tip

While the Ship Services Technicians will have limited stock for you to look through, there are some Skills that offer further customization options. When you’re considering ship parts, pay attention to the Tech Skill tree that allows you to unlock more systems to work with, from new weapons to engine systems. The Novice tier will provide new ballistic weapon systems, coupled with the incredibly necessary Boost Pack Training for traversal purposes.

Starfield Spacecraft Landing

In the end, whenever you buy and sell ship parts in Starfield, there are multiple aspects to keep in mind as you continue to find the answers to the universe’s mysteries. The aforementioned hostile forces won’t be your only obstacle as you haul your ship and crew from one system to the next.

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