When is the Next Golden Blitz in Monopoly GO

With its unique mechanics and engaging gameplay, Monopoly GO has staked its claim on the hearts of players worldwide. The game takes you to a virtual city where you can purchase, develop, and trade landmarks. With the ultimate goal of bankrupting your opponents, you try to acquire more properties and make your rivals pay rent when they land on them.

Monopoly GO keeps introducing new events regularly. In addition to Partner events, main events, and season events, the game also has Golden Blitz. This is a special event that allows players to trade their Gold stickers.

Updated on January 21, 2024, by Umama Ali: The last Golden Blitz event in Monopoly GO happened on January 3 during the Heartfelt Holidays album. The next Golden Blitz is expected to arrive somewhere between Feb 10-15. Although there’s no official confirmation for this release date, developers usually drop this event later in the album season to help tycoons complete their sticker albums.


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When is the Next Golden Blitz in Monopoly GO?

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Excitement is building among Monopoly GO players as they eagerly await the next Golden Blitz event. The latest sticker album, Monopoly Origins, was released on January 4, and it has sparked excitement among tycoons. However, the early-season Golden Blitz is yet to appear. It is seen that Scopely usually drops this event later in the album season to aid players in completing their sticker packs through sticker swaps with friends, so we can expect the event between Feb 10 to 15. Scopely hasn’t made an official announcement yet, so this estimate is just guesswork based on the event’s previous release patterns. The sticker album will be active until March 2024, so players have ample time to complete their sticker albums.

Those acquainted with Monopoly GO will know that the Golden Blitz, much like other events, doesn’t follow a fixed schedule. The game usually doesn’t receive that many Golden Blitz events when a new album is introduced, but they get more and more common as the album’s end date approaches. This helps you collect more stickers and complete your album.

What is the Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly GO?

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Golden Blitz is a special event that enables tycoons to trade their gold stickers and complete their collections. These stickers are predetermined by developers and all other gold stickers remain trade-locked. While other events in the game run for five days or even several months, this time-limited event only lasts for 15-18 hours. This means you should join in and begin trading right away to make the most of the opportunity.

How to Trade Gold Stickers in Monopoly GO

For those who don’t know, Monopoly GO has introduced a safe trading feature that provides players with a safer way to trade their stickers. After a successful test in Brazil, the developers have introduced it globally.

To trade a gold sticker with the Safe Trading feature, you’ll first need to find a potential trader on Discord, Facebook, or other platforms and then become friends with them in Monopoly GO. Following this, you can choose a duplicate sticker to trade and then click ‘Friends.’ The trader can then either accept or decline your offer. As of now, trades are limited to five stickers a day.

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