When is Shipment coming back to Modern Warfare 3?

Image: Sledgehammer Games

If there is a map type that I enjoy is a small map with a lot of encounter potential and a sprinkle of absolute chaos. So, when is Shipment coming back to Modern Warfare 3? Let’s find out.

Modern Warfare 3: When is Shipment coming back?

While it has suffered many iterations since the days of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – that is, Call of Duty 4 -, Shipment has always been a great map to farm kills and level up. It also is the source of many frustrations and immediate deaths that will follow up with disappointment, rage quitting, and the occasional broken controller that I promise was already broken before I threw it across the room. Anyway, the truth is that Shipment is actually in the game. That is, players can vote for it as the next map during the different game modes.

However, what interests players above all is the custom playlist in which Shipment is the only or one of the few rotating maps. For example, in Modern Warfare 2 – the remake – there was the Shipment 24/7 playlist. Moreover, when the devs introduced Shipment in Modern Warfare 3, we enjoyed a playlist called Rustment 24/7, which combined the iconic Rust map with Shipment. When will players get to enjoy a playlist with Shipment as its core map? Today there is no way to know and there is no rotation schedule regarding MW3’s playlist. The only way we can anticipate any incoming playlist is by waiting for the last days of each week. Taking a look at the countdowns will give us an idea of what to expect.

Modern Warfare 3 Shipment
Image: Sledgehammer Games

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In the meantime, Meat has been well-received by the MW3 Operators, so you should probably give it a try. It might not be Shipment, but believe me, it shares the same chaos and farming potential.

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