When Does WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 Begin?

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery has been a massive success so far, and with phase 2 just on the horizon, players are eager to jump into the next step of this remixed and reworked version of the original WoW gameplay.

Naturally, players will want to know when the next phase of Season of Discovery begins, so we have put this guide together with all the details so you know exactly when the next phase will begin for Season of Discovery.

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When does Phase 2 of Season of Discovery Start?

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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery phase 2 will go live on February 8, 2024, at 1:00 PM PST/9:00 PM GMT, and will be available to all active WoW players with active subscriptions and WoW Classic installed on their PC.

Season of Discovery began on November 30, with phase 1 introducing new mechanics like the Rune system, discoveries, and some reworked content and additions. With phase 2 about to begin, we will see the next influx of new content as we enter into the second of four major phases for this remixed WoW Classic.

What to Expect From Phase 2 of Season of Discovery

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Phase 2 of Season of Discovery will see a slew of new content coming to WoW Classic, which will build on the foundation set in phase 1. The most notable addition will be the new Runes coming to the game, which will grant new powers and abilities to players that allow for more refinement, never-before-seen roles for classes, and new playstyles for classes, such as melee-focused Hunters and Mage healers.

Additionally, players can expect to see a new raid in the form of Gnomeregan, which initially was a normal dungeon but has been converted into a six-boss, ten-player raid, complete with new loot to unlock and additional and new mechanics for each boss. You can also partake in a new PvP world event in Stranglethorn Vale called the Blood Moon, which will have its own rewards.

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Add to that new profession recipes, discoveries, all the new regions and content players will be strong enough to access, and the new level 40 cap, and you have a ton more to explore and experience with WoW Classic.

What Will Happen to the Phase 1 Content?

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All phase 1 content will remain in the game and will still be available for players to find and enjoy, including the Blackfathom Deeps raid and Runes released when Season of Discovery began. The only difference now is that it’s easier to unlock certain ones as players are at a higher level, or you could see some that require items or materials become a little cheaper to unlock.

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As a nice bonus, characters between levels 1 and 25 will see a 50% EXP buff when phase 2 begins, meaning players who join later or plan to level another character will have an easier time getting there and should be able to get to the newer content sooner rather than later.