When Do Dungeons and Raids Start in Anime Souls Simulator X?

Anime Souls Simulator X throws players into a world of almost-idle combat with minions to follow them around. Dungeons and Raids, two of the game’s most exciting features, operate on a dynamic schedule that keeps players on their toes. Below, we’ll explain what these are.

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When Do Dungeons Start in Anime Souls Simulator X?

Dungeons, where you can test your mettle against waves of enemies and collect valuable loot, open their doors every 30 minutes following the server’s launch. However, the beauty (and sometimes the bane) of Anime Souls Simulator X lies in its random server placement. This means the dungeon schedule will differ depending on which server you land on.

While this might seem unpredictable, it actually holds a strategic advantage. If you find yourself on a server where the next dungeon feels like an eternity away, fret not! You have the freedom to leave and rejoin the game, potentially placing yourself on a server with an imminent dungeon crawl. It won’t always work, but it’s a good idea.

What Are the Rewards for Dungeons in Anime Souls Simulator X?

Delving into dungeons gives you many rewards. Conquering these challenges will grant you the following:

  • Enchantment Tokens: These mystical tokens let you upgrade your weapons, giving you an edge in future battles.
  • Shiny Shards: These glimmering fragments can be combined to get shiny avatars with better multipliers.
  • Other currencies: Depending on the dungeon’s difficulty and theme, you might also score valuable in-game currency.

When Do Raids Start in Anime Souls Simulator X?

Just like dungeons, Raids follow a 30-minute timer after the server launch. However, unlike their dungeon counterparts, Raids are large-scale challenges focusing on specific maps.

Similar to dungeons, the random server placement applies to Raids as well. So, if you’re eager to join the fray but find yourself on a server with a distant raid start, remember you can always hop servers and potentially find a group ready to clash with the next boss.

What Are the Rewards for Raids in Anime Souls Simulator X?

Successfully defeating a raid boss showers you with:

  • Enchantment Tokens: With these tokens, you can upgrade your weapons, giving you an advantage when fighting in the future.
  • Accessories: Stylish and potent, accessories provide stat boosts and unique combat effects.
  • Other currencies: You might also earn valuable in-game currency depending on the difficulty and theme of the dungeon.