What’s the best class in Buriedbornes 2?


Warrior (Example)

The Warrior is one of the five default classes you can access and is unique in the well-rounded style of play that it offers. With boosts to many of your default stats, the Warrior is great for getting used to the gameplay of Buriedbornes 2 and for learning the systems in a few trial runs first. In order to show you how to read the other classes we’ll show, you can see the Warrior’s stats on the left-hand side of the screen in the bar, they show the additional stat bonuses he gains as default, as well as his abilities and their chance to use, such as a 30% chance of parrying an attack of a certain kind.

Once you figure out your own style of play and the optimal approach, that’s when you’ll want to experiment with other play styles such as the Ranger or Wizard. His default skills are: Slash, Tackle and Shield Break.



The Samurai is focused primarily on dealing damage, as well as reducing the cooldown of quick skills (those that don’t end a turn when used) by -2. Her primary ability is providing an additional activation to effects that have been applied more than once, and using quick skills also grants her +1 bravery. The Samurai is perfect for modifying your attack patterns on the fly, and a plethora of alternative stances and moves available means she can take easy advantage of her unique attributes. Her starting skills are: Diagonal Slash, Diagonal Slash and Bloodbath.

Samurai class


Dark Knight

A complex character, the Dark Knight is difficult to get a handle on. But basically, his main attribute is doing direct Void damage to an enemy, negating their resistance. In return the values for his resistance are flipped, meaning damage he would ordinarily resist he becomes weak to and vice-versa. Played right, the Dark Knight has the potential to inflict massive damage against his enemies while applying weaknesses (which become resistances) against himself with his attacks. His default skills are: Energy Slash, Bleed Slash and Sword of Darkness.

Dark Knight class



The Necromancer is an excellent choice for summoning-focused players, as he not only offloads negative effects to summoned minions but can also take direct control of them. He can also use his summoning skill with a -1 discount, allowing for many more uses. The addition of a shield helps make up for a lacklustre starting HP pool. He’s perfect for magic-using players who want to use meat shields to soak up any negative effects. His starting skills are: Dark Bolt, Summon Zombie and Summon Skeleton.

Necromancer class

Now that you have learned about the best class in Buriedbones 2, you might want to look at some tips and tricks for players who just started with Buriedbones 2.