February 3, 2023

Final time, you determined overwhelmingly (94%!) that knocking people over edges is healthier than large engines rising from the bonnet. Actually, I can’t disagree. I am keen on that big supercharged engine. I’ll all the time decide the automobiles with that big supercharged engine. However think about if somebody had been standing atop that big supercharged engine’s towering consumption, and I kicked them off it. Wonderful! This week, I have to apologise, however circumstances have led us to a selection between two wholly dissimilar issues. What’s higher: a pre-boss battle provide cache, or sources too good to make use of?

Pre-boss battle provide cache

You enter an space overflowing with ammo packing containers and medkits and and potions and armour shards and elite items in your squad and grenades and a full provide of corpses to reanimate and power-ups and heavy weapons and oh, you realize: one thing large is about to occur. A boss battle is coming, and I’m now so prepared for it.

It is all the time thrilling to seek out this room. And as soon as you realize a sport does it, it is good to belief you could go a little bit wild in the remainder of the sport with the massive thrilling weapons which use uncommon sources, safe within the information that the sport will not ship you right into a boss battle with solely 5 bullets. Positive, it is sensible and useful to have full fancy ammo for a boss battle, however greater than that it is thrilling to completely let rip in opposition to the boss. As a result of you do not have something larger to reserve it for, do you?

Assets too good to make use of

The ultimate battle is right here. There is no such thing as a method this can’t be the ultimate battle. Completely the sport will finish after this. I can’t see any method the plot would possibly escalate. This will likely be my best problem and I might want to give it my all. Yeah, however, I am unable to use my magnum ammo right here, or my max heal potions, or my uncommon crafting supplies, or my largest mana potions, or my mega-spell with the actually lengthy cooldown, or my prized elite items, or my insta-kill shivs, or my greatest meals, or my greatest spell reagents. They’re so highly effective, and what if I would like them later?

I’d fireplace one or two, as a deal with. Simply burst one man with a magnum bullet. Drop a minisquad of elite items deep behind enemy strains. Lazily chug a rejuvination potion as a result of I am unable to be bothered to attend on regen. Blow a five-minute cooldown on a trash mob. Simply to see what occurs, you realize. Only for the sensation. However I will save the remaining. I do know I will likely be prepared for something if I save the remaining. It is a good feeling of consolation and safety. And after I do overcome challenges with out utilizing these valuable sources, I really feel even higher for triumphing on this self-imposed larger issue mode.

Plus, it is so uncommon in life that I’ve something valuable to save lots of up and cherish. Now that is an influence fantasy: proudly owning a lot of good and precious issues with out instantly consuming them to outlive. And in addition to, a Diablo II stash loaded with Full Rejuvenation Potions could be very fairly to take a look at.

Actually, if builders eliminated these strongest objects from their video games, I might solely refuse to make use of the whichever sources obtained bumped as much as turn into the brand new high tier. I’d want them, you realize.

However which is healthier?

It is tough to choose between the 2 issues when they’re so unrelated (sorry once more, reader expensive) however I feel I have to aspect with valuable sources. What is the level of a pre-boss battle provide cache if it would not provide the giddy thrill of discovering treasures I completely is not going to use in the course of the battle?

However which factor do you assume is greatest? Choose your winner, vote within the ballot under, and make your case within the feedback to persuade others. We’ll reconvene subsequent week to see which factor stands triumphant—and proceed the nice contest.

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