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  • The final fight between Deku and Shigaraki in My Hero Academia is the most anticipated and will likely be the best in the entire Final War Saga.
  • Shigaraki’s strength is highlighted in the previous chapter, and he surpasses All For One as destruction incarnate, making him a formidable opponent for Deku.
  • Deku is backed into a corner and must fight back with all his might in order to protect himself and his powers from Shigaraki’s relentless attacks. He will also try to reason with Shigaraki and make him see why he should stop his pursuit of destruction.

My Hero Academia is edging closer to its end with each passing chapter and, now, the story is at its very peak where the final fight between Deku and Shigaraki which has been destined to go down for years is now finally happening. This fight will most likely be the best one in the entire Final War Saga and that is precisely why fans are incredibly excited to see it unfold.


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With Deku being backed into a corner in the previous chapter, all eyes are now on My Hero Academia chapter 412 which will progress this fight even further.

Shigaraki’s Strength

Deku vs shigaraki my hero academia 412

My Hero Academia’s previous chapter did well to highlight the incredible strength that Shigaraki possesses up his sleeve. He’s an incredibly powerful villain the likes of which cannot be stopped by the vast majority of the heroes in the story. In fact, the vestiges of the One For All in the previous chapter compared him to All For One and stated that at this point, he far surpasses him as he is destruction incarnate. Wherever Shigaraki goes, he keeps on destroying everything in his path and there is absolutely nothing that can’t stop him at the moment. Deku has done well to hold his own against him in combat, however, it would be a stretch to say that he’s faring well.

He has already lost Shinomori, and from here onwards, the threat is bigger than ever before. As was made clear in the previous chapter, if Deku is touched even once from here onwards, he will lose the power of the vestiges, potentially one by one, or, maybe even at once. That said, Deku’s own strength is stored inside the One For All.

Fans expect My Hero Academia chapter 412 to focus on Shigaraki’s growing strength again, as the previous chapters have. Deku is the underdog in this fight and this is especially true because he does not want to kill Shigaraki and is thus holding back. This will likely continue until he figures out a solid plan to work around the defenses of this monstrous fighter and, unfortunately, so far, he has failed to achieve that.

Deku Fights Back

Deku vs shigaraki my hero academia 412

While Deku has not been anything special so far in this fight, fans should expect to see him fight back in My Hero Academia chapter 412. This is because he is backed into a corner right now and he has nowhere left to go. Either he fights back with all his might, or, he will get overwhelmed by the power of Shigaraki, losing all his vestiges and potentially having even One For All taken away from him as well. As such, it is paramount for Deku to fight back in My Hero Academia chapter 412. He will likely do this via some quirk combinations and long-range attacks as that is the best way to go about it. Deku cannot make contact with him easily and, if he does that, then he has the risk of losing his powers.


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At the same time, Deku will have to be on guard about any attacks from Shigaraki. This is now truer than ever before since he doesn’t have access to Danger Sense anymore to help him avoid trouble. What’s worse, Danger Sense now belongs to Shigaraki, which means he is more alert to any threat that Deku poses. To overcome this obstacle, My Hero Academia chapter 412 might show Deku using immense speed as that could be the only thing that will help him at this point.

Shigaraki’s Plan

 Deku and Shigaraki my hero academia Mha 412

My Hero Academia chapter 412 might progress Shigaraki’s plan of blowing up Mount Fuji. Of course, if he succeeds in doing this, then Japan is going to be destroyed eventually. However, Deku stands in his path and that means this battle is likely going to conclude here. Fans might actually see him try to decay the areas around Mount Fuji in the upcoming chapter. Of course, the entire mountain is not going to blow up, however, Shigaraki can possibly destroy the surroundings and, in doing so, it could become very clear that he is dead set on destroying everything and returning all to nothing.

The upcoming chapter of the story could also expand upon the humanity in his heart. In the previous chapter, Shigaraki made it quite clear that he isn’t human anymore and all he wants to do is to destroy. In fact, even the other vestiges of the One For All made the same claim about him. Nana Shimura might have some input on Shigaraki, which she will give the Deku in the upcoming chapters as she is related to him by blood. This might just be one of the most exciting dynamics of this fight that Horikoshi could explore in the upcoming chapters and fans are patiently waiting for that to happen.

The Voice Of Reason

deku looses quirks mha my hero academia 412

My Hero Academia chapter 412 will, once again, see Deku try to reason with Shigaraki. Of course, he knows that in order to speak sense to him, he will have to defeat him. However, he’s going to keep on trying. Deep down, Shigaraki also understands that Deku is willing to go to huge lengths for him. He never received the helping hand he wanted as a child, however, even though it is late, it has arrived and, perhaps, Shigaraki might be willing to push Deku to the absolute limit and see how far he would go.

This is going to be somewhat interesting and fans will see whether there is a speck of humanity within him left or not. It is up to Deku too to make him see that and, of course, for him, the best way to do that would be through exchanging blows. This isn’t a fight that will simply be fought with fists. Deku needs to get through to Shigaraki and make him see why he is trying to save him and why he should stop in his pursuit of destruction. Of course, whether Shigaraki listens or not remains to be seen.

All these interesting aspects of the story will likely be tackled in the upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia. Unfortunately, the manga is going to be on break, simply because Jump will not be publishing around the holiday schedule. January is usually a rough month for the fans as there are too many breaks around this time. However, fans can rest assured that the author will make the wait worthwhile when the upcoming chapter of the story drops. My Hero Academia chapter 412 will take the series one step closer to its end, and possibly lay the groundwork for the climax of this fight as well. For that, and everything else that the chapter will have to offer, fans are incredibly excited.

My Hero Academia is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of My Hero Academia, My Hero Academia chapter 412, is set to be January 21, 2024.

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