What to Expect from Hollow Knight: Silksong in 2024


  • Anticipation for Hollow Knight: Silksong in 2024 is high, but there’s no confirmation of a release window yet, leaving the sequel mired in uncertainty.
  • Despite the long wait and lack of news, fans remain dedicated and hopeful for any updates on Hollow Knight: Silksong’s development.
  • It’s unpredictable what will happen in 2024 for Hollow Knight: Silksong due to its unprecedented development time and Team Cherry’s relative silence.

2024 is already established as an exciting year for a lot of games and that anticipation will increase tenfold if anything concrete is shared soon about Hollow Knight: Silksong. 2023 was further demonstrative of how influential Hollow Knight has been on the industry as a whole, but particularly across the somewhat niche genre blend of Soulslikes and 2D Metroidvanias via Blasphemous 2 and The Last Faith. However, 2023 also passed by without any confirmation of a release window for Hollow Knight: Silksong and its faithful community has been left to cope and cling desperately to any chance of news in 2024.

Hollow Knight: Silksong appeared in the 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase with the promise of it releasing within 12 months from that conference, and yet it has surpassed that window and then some. 2023 is about to end and without anything more to grasp onto, it’s no clearer whether Hollow Knight: Silksong will release in 2024, let alone release at all. There admittedly isn’t much to expect from Hollow Knight: Silksong in 2024 based on what the past several years have looked like for it, but that hopefully won’t threaten the game’s development nor fans’ persistent dedication to rallying behind it with every new opportunity.


Hades 2 Might Beat Hollow Knight: Silksong to the Punch in 2024

Hades 2 and Hollow Knight: Silksong have almost equal levels of anticipation, but Hades 2 may have the edge at this moment in time.

Hollow Knight: Silksong’s 2024 is a Giant Bug-Shaped Question Mark

Hollow Knight: Silksong’s 2024 Could Be as Quiet as Its 2023

It wouldn’t be fair to say Hollow Knight: Silksong was completely absent in 2023 despite how sparse and uninformative it was when it did rear its head. Still, 2024 doesn’t look any more promising in terms of news for Hollow Knight: Silksong due to this track record and it’s in fans’ best interests now to simply not expect anything next year, either.

That might seem hyperbolic since that would be an entire year’s worth of time when Team Cherry could potentially say anything about the game, but by this upcoming Valentine’s Day it will be five years since Hollow Knight: Silksong was first announced. Team Cherry doesn’t have the kind of team that a AAA developer has being a three-person studio, meaning the sequel’s development was always going to take quite a while, but five years of development with nothing suggesting when a release date may be settled on also leaves nothing to suggest that 2024 will be any different.

Expect the Unexpected for Hollow Knight: Silksong in 2024

How 2024 will take shape for Hollow Knight: Silksong is anyone’s guess now that it’s been this long of a wait and there is nothing that is feasibly off the table. This means it wouldn’t be surprising to hear any kind of news at all from Team Cherry throughout 2024, with even a random Hollow Knight: Silksong shadow-drop possible.

The longer the wait hopefully means that the sooner it is until definitive news about a release date is known, but again Hollow Knight: Silksong has defied all expectations and truly become the most elusive and anticipated game in recent memory. It would be upsetting if 2024 brought with it the announcement of Hollow Knight: Silksong’s cancelation; fortunately, Hollow Knight: Silksong’s development doesn’t seem to be in jeopardy, even if it is taking a considerably long time, based on what little information was shared this year.

The only scrap of confirmed information about it now is that Hollow Knight: Silksong will be available on Xbox Game Pass when it does eventually release, making the subscription service formidably endearing regardless of whether that’ll be in 2024 or not.