What to do if you’re stuck at 9% in Dash Level in Geometry Dash

It’s not every day we get a new official Geometry Dash level, but when we do, we’ll rage at it. If you keep finding yourself stuck at the 9% mark from dying during the portal transition, like I was, then you may feel it’s rigged at worse, and a bug at best.

Why do you keep dying at the 9% mark in Dash?

As a non-professional player, it took me some time to get to such a point, but when I did, I instantly assumed I had missed something. Time and time again, I kept dying as soon as I transitioned from Walker to the Ball, like clockwork, every single. It turns out that just after the portal, is a Fingerdash, a special ring that you need to hold the jump button for.

Along the chaos of the level, and the change of the change of color and character type, it’s super easy to miss the sudden need to hold the button.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Veteran Geometry Dash players may not have batted an eyelid at this development, but players like me may struggle for a while before truly noticing it.

As soon as you transition into the Ball, you’ll have to hold the button until you steer clear from the Fingerdash, which will obvious as you fall into another portal to continue the crazy level.

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Enter Practice mode if you’re struggling

If you’re finding it difficult to get past this section – and then any further section in Dash, then it may be wise to enter practice mode. You can place checkpoints whenever you wish, so you can try that section again and again until it becomes second nature.

In fact, it’ll be wise to complete the level in Practice mode. If you’re anything like I used to be, it may feel that entering Practice mode is cheap, or a form of “cheating” the challenge of Geometry Dash. This is not the case, and will only hold you back from enjoying the challenge from the game.

You’ll find that you’ll be able to enjoy the music and won’t have to keep suppressing the urge to rage quit.

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