May 29, 2023

.Probably the most thrilling returns of a conventional Zelda sport factor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is dungeons. Whereas they’re known as Temples on this sport, we lastly have a return to semi-proper dungeon crawling from each different Zelda sport earlier than Breath of the Wild. And the Divine Beasts had been fascinating, however they simply weren’t dungeons within the sense we all know and love. In case you’re excited to get again into an precise Zelda dungeon once more, you could be questioning: What number of Dungeons are in Tears of the Kingdom? We’ve received you lined.

What number of Temples are in Tears of the Kingdom?

Seven total.

You have got the bottom 4 which might be hinted at within the regional phenomena most important quest. They’re the Wind Temple, the Hearth Temple, the Lightning Temple, and the Water Temple respectively. Every comes with its personal buildup questline as per regular Zelda. Then you are able to do the temple and get your coronary heart container on the finish.

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However when you full the 4, there’s three extra within the sport to get via. There’s the Assemble Manufacturing unit, the Forgotten Temple, and naturally, Hyrule Fort. If Hyrule Fort wasn’t the ultimate dungeon after being arrange, one thing can be flawed.

That quantity is on par with Wind Waker, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword, and even Breath of the Wild for those who rely Divine Beasts, however decrease than Ocarina of Time, the unique Legend of Zelda, or Twilight Princess, which all have 9. So seven is a wonderfully regular rely for a Zelda sport.

You possibly can beat a minimum of the primary 4 Temples in any order. That is very like in early Zelda video games or Breath of the Wild. Clearly Hyrule Fort must be final as regular. Whether or not you’re feeling the Temples match as much as the dungeons of eld or not is as much as you.

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