What is the Level Cap in Enshrouded

Increasing your level indicates progress in survival-crafting games. Similarly, in Enshrouded, the creators have added a level system that indicates the player’s progression. In order to level up, players complete various challenges and quests in the game and earn XP. These points are generally used to increase the player’s level.

However, there is a limit to the maximum level in any game and players cannot increase their level further, once the maximum limit is capped. Enshrouded also offers a limited number of levels and this guide aims to provide insights into the level cap and strategies to reach it.


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What is the Max Level Cap

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At the time of writing, the maximum level is 25, which is achieved by completing several activities in the game. Players start their journey at Level one and progress towards the max level by acquiring XP by slaying enemies, fighting off bosses and completing quests.

Interestingly, all the enemies have different power levels, ranging from Level 1 to 30. Since players can reach a maximum at level 25, considering that players can achieve a maximum level of 25, this introduces an additional challenge as they have to compete against stronger enemies.

How to Achieve Max Level

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As mentioned before, players start their journey at the lowest level. To increase their levels, players gain XP (experience points). As mentioned above, players get these points by completing different game activities such as Fighting, Mining, and completing different Quests.

It may sound easier to the players, but reaching max level is tough and takes time. During the early stage, players can complete quests and fight with lower-level enemies to generate points. Players can level up their character to level nine using this method. However, to progress further, they need to hunt down enemies at higher levels in order to generate more points. Alternatively, players can also consider mining to farm XP in the game. Another way to secure points without much effort is from chests and loot. The points may be low in numbers, but it is worth the try.

Players can follow these steps to reach the maximum level. However, it is worth mentioning that once the player has capped Level 25, they will not be able to gain any additional XP.

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January 24, 2024

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