What is The Error Code ESP-DIST-001 for Fortnite?

As a live service game, Fortnite is no stranger to errors that prevent players from hopping in. We’re always butting up against one or another, especially around a new season’s launch or an in-game event that draws many players in.

Every so often, if you try to connect to the Fortnite servers, you might encounter a few problems by trying to play the game. These problems vary, such as too many players on the server or the Epic Games servers being down. For some who want to jump into the game but are having trouble, you might encounter the error code ESP-DIST-001. What is the ESP-DIST-001 error code for Fortnite, and what can you do about it?

Can You Fix or Troubleshoot Error Code ESP-DIST-001 in Fortnite?

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In our experience, there’s no direct fix for this error code. When we encountered ESP-DIST-001 while playing Fortnite, it prevented us from playing the game, and we were at a large red screen where we had to sit there, waiting for the game to load. It looked like the servers were down.

The error code had us attempting to retry connecting to the server every 10 seconds. If it did not connect, the countdown started over again, and the game tried to connect with the Epic Games servers. However, the error code mostly resolved itself.

After between three and five attempts, the error code went away, and we could play the game. If you find yourself dealing with error code ESP-DIST-001 while playing Fortnite, the best thing to do is remain on that screen and wait for the process to finish. If the game does not load, wait for it to try again. Eventually, you should find yourself on your Fortnite screen, and you can play a game.

What Causes Error Code ESP-DIST-001 in Fortnite?

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The reason for this error is unclear, but the Epic Games Store was having trouble attempting to connect before this issue happened. It’s likely the two are connected, and the Epic Games servers are having some problems on their side. Thankfully, it doesn’t entirely prevent you from playing Fortnite, but you do need to wait it out, which is always frustrating.

We encountered Error Code ESP-DIST-001 in Fortnite, most recently just after the release of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Underground. This is likely because of the massive number of players trying to get into the game, causing some to crash out and have this error pop up so the servers have a chance to let a few players in between large influxes.

How to Check if Fortnite Servers are Down

If you experience any issues with gameplay or connectivity while playing Fortnite, Fortnite servers could be down. In such cases, you’ll typically receive a notification on the game’s menu screen confirming a known issue with an estimated time frame for when the Fortnite servers are projected to be operational again.

The best place to check for information is the @FortniteStatus on X (formerly Twitter). This account provides updates on any current issues and confirms when scheduled maintenance downtime is due to take place, as well as when the servers will be back up. Scheduled downtime typically occurs at 1AM PST / 4AM EST / 9AM GMT and usually lasts for 2-3 hours, with the timing aimed at minimizing disruption.

If you’re still experiencing problems with the game and Epic hasn’t reported anything, you can check the Downdetector status page for Fortnite. This will help you to determine if other players are experiencing the same issues. If you notice a sudden increase in the number of reports, you’ll know that you’re not alone. In this case, official information about the problem will likely be posted soon.

If you ever come across the unfortunate news that Fortnite is down, there’s no need to worry! Server downtime is rare, and it usually only lasts for a few hours. Therefore, you will only have to spend a little bit of time wondering when the Fortnite servers will be back up and running. In no time at all, you’ll be back to playing the thrilling battle royale game.