December 4, 2023

Other than only sharing its rarity with the Hybrid Elf, what is the Clover Retribution Stonekin race? If you have rolled for this race you can enjoy some nice buffs and a sickening face cosmetic. So whether you want to be a Stonekin, or already are and want to know the benefits, our guide has absolutely everything you need to know!

Clover Retribution Stonekin

Brother in rocks.

What Are Races

Races are a selection of unique species that traverse the world of Clover Retribution which you can join! Using codes, Robux or earning spins can grant you the ability to re-roll your beginner Human race. So, if you’re unhappy with your current ranking you can always aim for more, whether it be for the cosmetics or statistics.

Stonekin Race

Along with the Hybrid Elf, the Stonekin is of Epic rarity. These two are the sole two races within this 2% chance. Whilst Epic rarity isn’t the highest tier ranking, there are some insane benefits to the races rolled here. So, this is what fellow Stonekins can look forward to:

  • +5 Strength
  • +5 Constitution
  • +15% Blud Reduction
  • +20% More HP

About The Game

Clover Retribution is a Roblox game that is largely based on the Black Clover anime and manga series. Unlock your own grimoire, utilise a range of magical powers, and find yourself immersed in the inspired world. There are tons of spells and skills to obtain, alongside stylish face markings, armor, and weapons. Plus, certain traits play a big part in your overall character-building progression. Work through each quest and defeat elite and mini-bosses as you explore. Or maybe you’ll battle it out in one of the dungeons!

Check out Clover Retribution’s official Roblox page to find out more. We’ve also got a Clover Retribution tier list that ranks the game’s magical abilities, a Clover Retribution Trait tier list, as well as a Clover Retribution Race tier list.

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