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Did you get Satan after the questionnaire? Well, this What in Hell is Bad Satan character profile is the perfect guide for you! Whether you’re curious about who he is, his personality, or how he works on the battlefield, you’ll find it all down below.

So, how do I sum up What in Hell is Bad? Well, it’s a lighthearted mobile game based in Hell as you live alongside the Seven Deadly Sins. Past the lewdness, there’s a strategic combat system and an in-depth character system! Each character is extremely likable and you can even talk to them via the in-game text message feature. Dazzling illustrations accompany this tale of devils and delve into the immersive storyline as Solomon’s descendant.

Want to learn more about What in the Hell is Bad? Visit the game’s official website! You can also download the game now on Google Play and the App Store. For more What in Hell is Bad content, take a look at our What in Hell is Bad tier list, What in Hell is Bad codes, and our What in Hell is Bad Mammon character profile guide.

What in Hell is Bad Satan Character Profile

Let’s delve deeper into who Satan is.

Character Profile

Satan is the embodiment of Wrath from the Seven Deadly Sins. This explains why he is the most violent character when compared to the others on the roster – at least for now. His Wrath makes him incredibly volatile but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care…

  • Birthday: July 14th
  • Ruling Nation: Gehenna

Satan’s Idiosyncrasy

Each character in What in Hell is Bad has an Idiosyncrasy that gives players a little glimpse into who they are – and what they can expect from the ‘unique’ interactions with said character. Once you know the character’s Idiosyncrasy, it’s easy to put two and two together!

Satan’s Abilities

If Satan drinks the blood of those who adore him, he can then turn that blood into whatever he wants. While he can turn the blood into sparkling jewels, Satan can opt to create dangerous weapons such as a hammer – the possibilities are endless for him.

Satan’s Personality

With his powerful ability, Satan is indeed the most violent out of the other Kings of Hell. He’s a pretty moody guy who can get easily annoyed by the devils that surround him. However, Satan appreciates the citizens of Gehenna, and will often sit and drink with them in the pub.