What Does The Santa Hat Do In Blox Fruits?

You read the title! This guide answers your burning question of What does the Santa Hat do in Blox Fruits. With extra info on how to obtain it if you aren’t sure! This guide will help you decide if you want to get the Santa Hat or not.

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game that sets you loose in a world much like that of the hit anime One Piece. You can become a pirate or a marine and set out into the world with your own ship and crew. Don’t forget to upgrade your stats, you’re definitely going to need them with all of the enemies and monsters out there.

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What Does The Santa Hat Do In Blox Fruits

Let’s ho-ho-hop into the guide!

What Is The Santa Hat? – Where To Get It

The Santa Hat is a seasonal accessory players can obtain during the holiday event. This Rare accessory costs 500 Candies and can be obtained by visiting Santa Claws NPC, which resides at the North Pole. We have a guide covering the travel there if you’re unsure. Where Is The Christmas Island In Blox Fruits?

What Are The Santa Hat Buffs

500 Candies is quite the amount! So is it worth it? Well if you gain the Santa Hat accessory you’ll be buffed with the following statistics:

  • +30% Movement Speed
  • +12.5% Blox Fruit/Sword DMG
  • +400 Energy
  • +400 Health

The hat comes with a lot of buffs! No wonder Santa can complete his global delivery trip in just one night. This hat is also a good alternative to the Cool Shades accessory, in case you’re bored of looking cool. The hat isn’t perfect though as if you are a gun main then this hat doesn’t provide decent buffs like it does for fruit and sword users.